Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Hhhmmm.... How I loved this morning...."

Good morning! Make each day your masterpiece!!! :)

The sky was still dark when I came out from my house this morning. The clouds were still hovering above. I tightened my blue color sweater while walking through the glossy stones path towards the bus stop. It was raining just a while ago. Luckily, it’d stopped.

Cool gust brushed my both cheeks. Hhhmmm…… How I loved this morning breeze!!! I would love to walk over this path over million times if I could!! And as I approached nearer, a group of people from different walks of life was waiting surrounded the shelter.

Beautiful walk path towards the bus stop :)

A young boy with earpiece on his ears reminded me of my son who used to take MRT and bus to his primary school himself. A young mother was sitting down with her yawning daughter at one side and her younger son at the other side munching his bread for breakfast. Couple of office workers were sitting down holding the lunch box at one hand and personal bag at another. Many Indian (mostly construction workers) were mostly waiting at the back area, leaning their butt to the cemented walls made of bricks.  

Feel blessed!!!

Hhhmmm….. I loved this morning scene, really…. All had gotten themselves ready to start their brand new day - a life with purpose. And as the bus approached the shelter, they were all rushing towards the bus door, trying to get in as soon as possible as to secure seat along their journey.

The orangey salted egg yolk sunrise :)

I was not spared too! I was one of them when my bus was approaching. If reaching early, usually the double decker would appear. And I would go up to the upper deck, find the seat with big screen window beside me. Most of the time, the dew would appear at the outer layer of the window glass. Only on lucky day it would appear dry and clean.

Welcome a new day! A great adventure ahead!!! :)

As the bus turned towards the bridge, I could start spotting the orangey salted egg yolk sunrise at afar. Ooohhhh….. It was so so so beautiful!!!! It would go fast. Once you missed it, that’s it! You had to wait for a while to see it again. It played hide and seek behind the bushes and greenery. And by the time the bus reached the Seletar Airport, you could find them shining higher and brighter. Hhhmmm….. How I loved this morning sunrise!!! Something I wouldn’t have seen if I had to take MRT to work...

Mesmerising morning sky :)

Once I enjoyed this beautiful nature on my way to work, I would take the journal out from my bag and start writing my morning journal. It started with… “Thank you SB for another beautiful day and great health that we all have today…” My mind would automatically recall everything I was grateful and thankful with, express my feelings (be it good or bad), and pour it into words with a move of my hand towards the paper.

Shining bright like a sky!!!

I would smile occasionally as I recalled the beautiful moment and take the worse event positively and bravely, told myself to be stronger to overcome whatever things came along my life’s journey. Ooohhh…. How I loved this morning moment!!! When everything was done, I would get myself ready towards whatever come next in my life. And as the chant hummed along on my ears… I closed my eyes and prayed for every sentient beings’ happiness, wherever they are… Amituofo… Om Mani Padme Hum… Om Ahum Vajra Guru Padma Sidhi Hum… Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu


sancha rai said...

Just awesome...sunrise

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sancha! The sunrise was indeed awesome!!! Wish you a wonderful day la! :)

Nim Dorji said...

Your journal with sunrise is simply amazing! I love it!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Nima!!! Hope your days are good too!!! :)

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