Friday, August 26, 2016

Jar of Happiness :)

Time flies. Today it would be my last day working in this establishment. Yesterday I took half day off in the afternoon. I was thinking of what to buy for my dear colleagues whom I’d leave behind, to thank them for all of their love, help, support, guidance, care, accompany that they had offered to me for the past 8 months, without having to make a hole in the wallet, yet could make everyone happy - something sweet, something unusual perhaps??? Try to think about it now for 10 seconds!!! Hahaha… not so easy right??? :P

Beautiful sunset :)

After some time, I had some rough idea. The whole evening I was looking for mixture of sweets -something minty, caffeine, and sour to lose your sleepiness while working at the office, something sweet like chocolate and different fruit flavors and colors’ candy to beautify the boring and mundane tasks, and not forgetting mixture of lollipops, which would bring you back to your sweet childhood memories for a while :) Then I went to look for jars to fit all of stuffs above. I found two types which I thought would fit the criteria.

Jar of Happiness - Malaysia :)

Once reaching home and taking a bath, I sat at my favorite corner of my room and started preparing it. I opened all the sweets’ packaging, mixed the contents around, and fitted them into each jars. There were still some more sweets left after filling them up. Hhhmmm.... Then I was thinking, why I made it two jars? Whom should I give to for another one?? Then, hey, the Malaysia and Indonesia teams were here! So, why didn’t I make it three??? There were enough sweets anyway!!!

Jar of Happiness - Indonesia :)

So I went to the kitchen and rummaged the cabinets. My in-laws often brought the containers back home. And I was lucky to find one bright and sweet red lovely jar, still new from its box. I took it and immediately filled it up with sweets. Hehehe… Three was perfect!!! :)

Jar of Happiness - Singapore :)

I called them “Jar of Happiness.”  Outside and on top of each jar, I cut and pasted the cute ‘bear’ paper and stickers with my handwriting that said like this: “Share the HAPPINESS by filling me up when it’s empty… Share Love... Share Happiness…” My intention was to put each jar in the office and everyone could take whatever they like. But once the content had finished, they would have to refill the jar with any sweet that they wanted to share.

The true meaning of life by HH Dalai Lama :)

Because I believed that “Happiness comes from giving and it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” That’s what the “Jar of Happiness” means in this context :)

Love is when someone else's happiness is your own happiness :)

Well, I could not expect that everyone would continue on the spirit in filling it up once it’s finished though, but at least I started the initial stage, leave my footprints there, and leave the rest to the nature, although I hoped they could continue the legacy on :) And I also hope they would smile upon opening the jar instead of feeling sad that I'd have already gone...


Tashi Chenzom said...

Nice legacy!! A Jar filled with candies is obviously a jar of happiness. Hope they continue what you intend.
Happy holidays!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi!!! Wish you a wonderful weekend la!!! :)

Sonam Choden said...

That is really sweet. Wish everyone follows your footsteps:)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sonam!!! I wish that to happen too... ^^ Wish you a wonderful weekend la! :)

Dema Yangzom said...

So sweet of u Rima ji...

Rima Reyka said...

Hehehe... Kadinche-la Dema jarim ^^

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