Saturday, February 18, 2017

Missing you...

Decades had passed. The memory was still clear on my head. You posted few things on my blog as I allowed you to access as a writer. I was having a grueling schedule towards the upcoming examination and yet you were always be there for me consoling my tiring heart and mind.

Words of wisdom by Renee Wood

Sometimes, I did not even realize when you put those words of wisdom to tell me how much you treasured me, to motivate me walking through my journey in life, and to motivate yourself when you felt tired about what you faced in your real life (work, love, and daily life).

Sometimes you posted song lyrics to express what you felt too, just like the lyrics below:

I can love you like no one can 
I can be your Superman (Superman) 
Just take my hand let's fly away 
I promise I'll be there everyday 
Just close your eyes let's start to fly 
I'm gonna love you until I die (till I die) 
Until the day of my death to my very last breath 
I'm gonna love you when no ones left 

Superman with S on my chest (Pic source:

Come fly with me baby 
Yeah I'm the one 
With the S on my chest 
Forget about your ex 
He don't know what love is 
He just failed the test 
Plus he don't treat you right 
He keeps you crying all night 
See, he's like your kryptonite 
I came to give you their strength 
So you can leave him behind 
You can start all over 
Just press rewind 
Cause he don't understand that you're one of a kind 
So sweet, so sexy and just so fine 
I will fight to my death just to make you mine 
I will never neglect you 
Never have time to stress you 
And always respect you 
Girl you like a hidden treasure 
And I promise to love you 
From now until forever 
O para siempra mija 
te prometo te voy amar
hasta la muerte 

Wow!!! Simply melted my heart!!! :)

Love letter (Pic source:

You were goods at words too, I had to admit, and I just enjoyed every things that you posted. Well, not only from those things you posted there, but also those letters that you used to send me, attached with few surprises with it. You had never failed to brighten up my days. Distance would never be a barrier for us, at all!!!

Happy family photo of yours... (Photo source:

Time went by. It changed your entire life, and mine too. I was happy though because it was all changed for the good reasons only. Looking at your family's photo with two beautiful angels, all posed with big smiles on their faces, made me believe that you went through good days, life after me. And like my friend told me, "No one is irreplaceable." She was right. Life went on, be it with or without me. I wished you all the best, as always, and would always be. Your happiness was my happiness, forever...

P.S. The thought of writing just came up and I realized one thing, that somehow my brain chose to run out from the reality, especially when I was under stress. World of imagination was far more interesting than reality. Anyway, whatever arose, would vanish, and everything led to emptiness for everything in life. So, if we could not face the reality, why not kept living in imagination???

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