Saturday, December 23, 2017

My First Audio Book - "Friend Request" by Laura Marshall

Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Well, I found out about this book title from somewhere (I forgot where I saw it before). Had been searching it tremendously from the NLB (National Library Board) Apps - from e-book, audiobook, to the physical book from different libraries across Singapore, and it was ALL unfortunately, unavailable. I even thought of buying it, so that after finished reading it, I could pass it on to someone else. However, it was even not available at the bookstore! It was all sold out!!! Oh my... how could that be???

Sigh... I had no choice but to click the "Reserve" button on the NLB Apps. I had to pay S$1.55 for reservation fee as I could no longer wait and let my mind lingering around, made me feeling really uneasy of not getting it on hand. I didn't know what made me craving for it though until I had to reserve it (which I tried to avoid in any case). Perhaps, I was tired of living my own life and wanted to escape from it and live into someone else world for a little while.

Reading quote (Pic source:

One day after I successfully reserved the book online, I clicked the book title under the search area again, just for fun. And guess what??? One audiobook for this title was available!!! 

Oh my!!! But... audiobook??? I was hesitating for a while. I had never tried the audiobook in my life before. I was wondering if I should borrow it.

"There is always a first time, never try, never know!!!" 

That was kind of my principle in life so I decided to borrow and try it once.

"Let me experience how to read the audio book," I said it to myself.

Without waiting any longer, I clicked the "Borrow" button, and download it to the OverDrive Apps on my phone.

Immediately, I put the earpiece on both ears and started listening it.

First Audio Book Experience - Friend Request by Laura Marshall :)

Well, it felt like someone was reading a bedtime story for me. A woman read the content of this book. Sometimes she had to mimic the man's voice or kid's voice to let the reader know who was saying what (conversation by different persons). The reader read according to the punctuation marks the writer put, and with emotions. You could feel it with the different high and low tones, fast and slow speed, and with some pause or breath in between.

The story was started with the Facebook's friend request by Maria Weston - a schoolmate who had been missing over twenty-five years ago - to Louise Williams, who had kept a terrible secret related to her missing. Maria was last seen the night of a school leavers' party and people believed her to be dead. With the school reunion arranged, Louise was forced to discover the truth about what really happened.

Despite the story supposed to be heart-stopping and thrilling, all the reader's efforts to make the story interesting, was kinda fail as I was still easily feeling sleepy when listening to it. Hahahaha... And I fell asleep for many many times!!! Lol!!! Perhaps this would be the best remedy if one day I could not fall asleep! Hahahahaha...... Kidding :P 

Sleepy face zzz... (Pic source:

Well, I think that was also because I was having my period. It usually made me exhausted and tired without any reason though. It was in fact, it was good to listen the audiobook in such situation, as what I needed to do was to lie down on bed and to close my eyes. I did not have to hold onto the book, fold my arms, and flip the page. I did not have to tire my eyes from the glare lighting behind me too or from the phone (in case of reading e-book).

Overall, I enjoyed it so much!!! Such a great experience!!! And by the time I had finished reading it, I received an email from NLB stating that the book that I reserved was available for collection :D I had no choice but to go down to the library I chose, paid the money, and collected the book that I had finished reading ^^"


Tashi Chenzom said...

Wow... I feel like trying this audio book too. Thank you for sharing your experience here.
Wish you a lovely Sunday!

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... You sure??? You're very busy these days, may not have 11 hours focusing on this :P Wish you a lovely Sunday too!!! :)

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