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Bangkok D4 - Chatuchak Weekend Market, Asiatique Ferris Wheel, and delicious local food to try!!!

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand - Must visit place!!!

Bangkok is well known as a shopping heaven especially for Singaporean. When they go to Bangkok, they will arrange to be there during weekend so that they can visit the famous Chatuchak weekend market and shop until they drop!!! Despite hot and humid weather, they will prepare themselves by wearing short-sleeves shirt, short pants, slipper, carrying big backpack on front part of their body, holding the battery operated portable fan at one hand and bottled of mineral water at another hand,  and sometimes wearing glasses and hat too. For me, umbrella is a must!!! :P

Chatuchak map (Pic source:

Chatuchak is such a big place (grouped into 27 sections) and has over 8,000 stores. When you reach there, you are advised to download the Apps into your phone so that you won't get lost or if you do not have the internet connection, free map is also available. It is reachable by both BTS (Mo Chit Stn) and MRT (Chatuchak Park Stn). You can find more information here.

Thai snacks and beverages - shopping break at Chatuchak weekend market

If you are hungry and thirsty, worry not!!! There are plenty of food and beverage stalls available down there. They sell many fancy and traditional food and keep your stomach filled and happy :)

Rung Rueng Pork Noodle near Phrom Phong BTS Station - Bangkok, Thailand (Pic source: Google map)

Before going there, my local Thai friend brought us somewhere to have breakfast. That's why I only had snacks and beverages in Chatuchak market while they also have many stalls to eat proper meals. He introduced us a local Thai Chinese shops selling typical Chinese breakfast dishes - noodles!!! My favorite!!! We went down to the shop together by BTS and stopped at Phrom Phong Stn. Check the map above to find the shop's location.

Rung Rueng Pork Noodles - Bangkok, Thailand - For Chinese noodle lovers :)

I am glad that I could find the location through the Google map based on my memory while walking down through small alleys to reach the place as the shop's signage was in Thai language and I did not even know what the shop name was. I included this shop here so that you can try it too next time (especially for Chinese pork noodle lovers :D). My friend said this shop was very crowded, so it's better to come early and avoid lunch time. We even had to wait for more than half an hour before our food arrived.

Try their crispy fish skin too!!! Rung Rueng Pork Noodle - Bangkok, Thailand

He ordered and ate three bowls for himself as he just attended triathlon days before and he needed to regain some good nutrients back for his body, and also because the noodle was very delicious!!! At first two of us ordered three bowls of noodles and crispy fish skin. But after finishing one bowl of noodle, I just felt it was so delicious and one bowl was definitely not enough, therefore I decided to order another one. Hahahahahaha.... So I finished two bowls of noodles (one soup and one dried) on my own :P I had no idea how much it cost as my friend treated us, but from the Google review, many said that it was inexpensive, so if you pork noodle lover, seriously, you have to try it for yourself!!! :)

Khao Tom Pla Kimpo - Rice Soup with fresh fish and seafood in Bangkok, Thailand (Pic source: Google map)

After having enough shopping, I was sweaty and tired. The weather was so hot and humid. I decided to go back to hotel to drop the shopping bags, take a little rest, and take a bath before going out again for dinner. My local Thai friend wanted to introduce us to another restaurant. We met up at BTS Saphan Taksin. From there we took a short bus journey. If walked, it might take us 20-25 mins to reach.

Khao Tom Pla Kimpo menu :)

This time the shop was selling rice soup with fish and/or seafood of your choice. It wasn't ordinary fish though, but including a choice of huge size fresh fish that they hung daily in front of their shop. The variety of fish they offered were butter fish, red grouper, grouper, and sea bass, while the seafood were squid, prawn and oyster.

Khao Tom Pla Kimpo - Rice soup fish and seafood in Bangkok, Thailand (Pic source: Google map)

Apart from the rice soup, there was also stall selling crisp fried mussel pancakes. You could choose mussels, oyster, fish, prawn, and cuttlefish or mixture of your choices. It tasted delicious too!!!

Crisp fried seafood pancake at Khao Tom Pla Kimpo in Bangkok, Thailand

The seafood that they put into the rice soup was amazingly fresh and great!!! Seafood lover, you should come to this place and try it for yourself. The cuttlefish and prawns were equally big and fresh!!! Omg!!! It was really high quality of seafood that they served, that was why it was a bit pricey, but I guess, it was all worth it!!! Mostly local went to eat here and usually from the older generation.

Asiatique Ferris Wheel - Bangkok, Thailand (Pic source: Google map)

Oh my... the meal was satisfying. I ate so much in a day!!! It was time to walk. My friend suggested us to walk all the way to the Asiatique Ferris Wheel. It was about the same distance that we took earlier. Good to digest the food that we just had, at the same time, had a romantic walk under the starry night sky.

Asiatique Ferris Wheel in Bangkok, Thailand

Other than riding the Ferris wheel, you could shop, dine, chill, relax, watch the Calypso ladyboy cabaret, Muay Thai Live, and classic Thai puppet performance. I had good time shopping there. There were few shops selling clothes for ladies at one price. There was local accessories shop and many other stuffs as well. Rows of restaurant and bars along the riverfront would be the perfect place to dine and chit chat, but we were too full to eat anything else.

A long and happy day in Bangkok, Thailand :)

At night, the free boat back to BTS Saphan Taksin was available until 11 pm so you did not have to worry on how to go back to where you stay. That was how you could spend another day in Bangkok. Well, Bangkok is such a big city with many places for you to choose to go. There are still many other places you can go if you have enough time to spare. Let's see if I can manage to come up with more post and suggest you where to go and what to eat :) 'Til then....


Unknown said...

Well, you have put it nicely about the big market Chatuchak..I have been there just once and now after going through your blog I'm thinking of going again to explore the market in your way..

Overcome Life said...

Don't forget to try the noodle ;)

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