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Places to Visit in Sri Lanka - Adam's Peak or Sri Pada (Sacred Footprint) - Part 2

Waiting for the sunrise!!! Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

At 5.30 am everyone stood up at their place facing towards the east and looking forward to the upcoming sunrise. Tshering managed to get a space for me towards the upper side so that I could get better view of it. The sky was still dark but we were all patiently waiting. We moved towards our left side to avoid the glaring light from the lamp post near the building in front of us.

Waiting at dawn - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

The sky looked just like the photo above. Seemed like the clouds were too thick and did not allow the sun to rise beautifully.

Panoramic view from the Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka - 9th April 2018

Mountainous view from Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka 

The viewing place was packed with people. Could say I got the best place to view. However, even until 6 am, when the sky started to turn bright, the sun was still nowhere to be found. Oh.. sad... It was not as what people expected. Slowly people started leaving the place to avoid over crowd situation when going down.

Where we stood - Me, Tshering, and Sangay at Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Our group photo once again :) - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

We took our group photo before leaving the waiting place. Then moved to the other side to see other kind of view - clouds among the mountains (see picture below).

Clouds among the mountains - Sri Lanka

I kept my expectation low though. My main goal was only to reach to the top timely and safely so that I could convey my prayer in front of the sacred footprint. The sunrise was actually just a bonus or extra - if I managed to view it beautifully! :)

About to go down - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

As you could see from the above picture, many people started to go down after failing to see the majestic sunrise. We were all about to go down as well, but we were stuck there by the crowd.

Woohooo!!! The sun was finally coming up!!! - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Beautiful!!! :) - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

And as I was about to reach the staircase to go down, suddenly I saw the bright sun finally appearing from the clouds, above the Maussakelle reservoir from down there. Wow!!! No wonder the crowd was not moving. Because every one was stuck there, busied taking photos from where they stood. All of us too, moved to one side, enjoyed the sun light, and took photos :)

Me among the crowds :) - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Beautiful sun rays illuminating the mountains and reservoir below - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Thank you SB for the beautiful sun rays from the Adam's Peak :)

Smile :)

Panoramic view from Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka :)

Thank you SB for finally letting us see the beautiful sun rays there before we left the place! For me, that's really the bonus gift from the trip, making it a memorable one :) Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Beautiful view from Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Walking back down from Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

View of Maussakelle Reservoir on journey down from Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

The journey down was equally great! The view towards the mountains and reservoir was beautiful!!! I could not stop admiring it and had to occasionally stop to take its pictures :)

Hundreds steps up and now down :D

View of Adam's Peak - Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak view at daytime

There were hundreds or maybe thousand steps from bottom to top??? The journey back down was tiring too, but I still preferred that rather than going up hahaha....

Entrance point to Adam's Peak called Makara Thorana - Sri Lanka

Sleeping Buddha statue (Makara Thorana) - Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Our legs were trembling after some time due to too much steps to walk through and went down fast. We stopped sometimes for toilet, for taking a rest, and while waiting for the rest of the group to come down.

Took a rest :)

There was a stop where you could have your legs massaged. There would be a lady or man stopping you by and offering for free massage. At the same time they were promoting the balm, herbal tea, and other products that their company was selling. The staffs were very friendly though. One of them was even buying and offering Sri Lanka sweets for us while one of our friends had her legs massaged. The products were sold at cheaper rate and good to buy some as gifts or presents for your loved ones back home.

Sri Lankan curry rice - Devil's chicken, potato curry, Sambol, bean curry, Dhall, and chilli :)

At about 10 am we finally reached the restaurant where we had our dinner the previous night. This time, to have our breakfast cum lunch. We had Sri Lankan curry rice this time.

At 11 am we caught the bus back to Hatton railway station, which took about 2 hours to reach. We took a train back to Ragama Junction at around 1.30 pm, and reached there at 7.30 pm. Sonam and I slept most of the journey as I was so tired and sleepy. He could not sleep well though as he worried about our bags that we put on top. I was not even thinking about it - forgot :P Hahaha... 

Delicious Bhutanese dinner for the day!!! :)

Once reached home, I faster unpacked, took bath, washed clothes, had dinner - delicious Phaksa pha (Bhutanse dried pork with chili) prepared by Sonam with fried Nutella (soy vegetable curry) prepared by Oli. Thank you guys!!! I could not eat much though as my stomach was a bit uncomfortable, but it was really tasting good la! I took diarrhea medicine and fell asleep soon after that. So, that was the whole journey story. Thank you Sonam and everyone who had arranged and accompanied me for this journey and thank you SB for the good health, fate, karma, safety and everything!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you :)

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