Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day 5 CCB - Coronavirus Circuit Breaker in Singapore

What should I make today? (Pic source: Facebook)

Today is Saturday and it is only the fifth day since Singapore gahmen implemented Circuit Breaker or CB all over Singapore, and I have already expanded my stomach like the picture above. Hahaha... (I do not know if I should laugh or cry....)

For the past 4 days, I had obediently stayed at home except two days ago, where I had to go to nearby grocery shop to buy the weekly food and grocery stuffs.

Some friends thought that I would suffer badly since travelling was no longer possible at this point of time and this would go on perhaps for the next 3 to 6 months, or even longer.

Also, for someone who used to travelling quite frequently, they felt that I should have difficulties of staying put at home. Nah, it is not true. In fact, I could actually adapt to the situation pretty well.

My room is my sanctuary (Insta: rimareyka.writes)

Perhaps it is due to my nature and personality that has grown since younger time. I was and am still an introvert person who love being alone, doing things that I love doing, such as: reading, listening to music, writing, sleeping, daydreaming, and so on.

And with the CCB, I am in fact not alone. Everyone in the country is advised to do the same.

For the past few days I heard hubby and sister-in-law grumbling after they reached home from work, saying how so many Singaporean did not understand the meaning of "stay at home", take the coronavirus too easily and take their health for granted.

Both of them witness many people still crowd the supermarket and wet market - be it as couple, families with young children (as if they are on holiday), elderly (who is more vulnerable)
every single day. I mean, since they have no other place to go (retail business and non-essential services are not allowed to open), the only entertainment areas left are mainly those two places. Some are not even wearing a mask.

CCB Safe Distancing Rules (Pic source: CNA)

Fyi, food court, hawker centre, restaurants are still allowed to open but limited for takeaway and delivery only. No dine in is allowed. Many people feel lost as they have a habit of meeting friends over breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner, and drinking with their khaki (friends). It is now prohibited by law, not even to eat under the void deck.

I feel lucky that I know how to whip up simple dishes and often eat at home. But I definitely miss eating mala and drinking beer with my mala partners (after CCB is over, we definitely have to celebrate it with mala and Tsingdao :P)

Many people posted video on how to cook and posted photos of their food in social media. Some looks easy and delicious. However, I need to refrain myself from practising it. Hahaha.... :D

First, if I cook too delicious, I will end up eating too much and gain weight tremendously. Second, buying too many ingredients are not good for the pocket. Haha again :P

One of simple dishes I often cooked

At the end, I stick to simple meal (yet still nice), take less sugar food (pancakes and waffles are so tempting!!!), and try not to waste food (cook leftover or whatever available from inside the fridge). Just by doing this, I have already gained weight. Imagine if I follow cooking those recipes *nightmare....

Apart from eating, many people are doing more exercise too, be it at home or outdoor (roadside, parks, etc.) If do it outdoor, just ensure do it individually, maintain safety distance, and not disturbing the passersby. I try to do some "guang chang dance" at home with sis-in-law just recently, and hopefully can maintain this habit (an hour a day is our goal). Lol!!!

And another good habit comes from meditating (before sleep and after wake up). Recently I follow this YouTube link, a 3-type of guided meditation - relaxation, Metta Bhavana or loving kindness, and healing - by Bhante Pannananda - in Indonesian language. I found it by one search (a fate indeed) and it is really good and helpful :)

As for Friday, Singapore has reached 2,108 cases with 7 death and 492 fully recovered. Recently the case happened at foreign workers dormitories (mainly people from India and Bangladesh).

Do not feel discouraged by the figures though. Apart from maintaining the good physical health, we also have to maintain a good mental health. Always think positive and be grateful for what we have are the keys to let us feeling hopeful that this too shall pass... Remember always, it is all in our minds!!! It is all depend on ourselves!!!

It is all in our minds (Insta - rimareyka.writes)

There are still so many days to go. This is just the beginning. Hopefully more people are able to stay at home more, go out only when necessary, limit social contact, maintain safe distance when queuing, and everything else that are necessary so that Covid-19 spread will be over soon, just like Wuhan and Daegu. Let's hope!!! We can do it Singapore!!!!

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