Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Amateur cook - Cook simply and from the heart :)

Sweet potato ball - coffee break  :)

Due to Covid-19 many people were forced to stay at home. Some was due to jobless, some work from home, some study from home, and some was like me, a housewife cum cannot-fly-traveller. Hahaha.... :P

I think many of you who knew me well enough, might hear before, that since young, I aimed to be a housewife who stayed at home and cooked nice food to my families, instead of becoming a successful career woman who aimed to hold multiple degrees, live a rich and luxury life.

As long I have a roof to stay, clothes to wear, food to eat every day, I am content enough and happy with my life. To live with my loved ones in harmony and peaceful environment are added points and I am truly grateful for all things that happened to me.

I chose to study Hotel Management was because of that simple dream. I knew, my parents and fellow teachers might feel disappointed with what I have become but this is my life, and I know what I want, and that is enough. 

As long as I love it (IG: rimareyka.writes)

Starting from Circuit breaker to current phase 2, I had to spend most of my time staying at home. Usually on weekdays my mother-in-law would prepare dinner for all of us. But at this period, hubby and I would take turn preparing food too.

Each of us specialises in cooking different food. Mother-in-law is good in preparing Chinese dishes and soup to be eaten with rice. Hubby specialises in cooking hawker style food, such as: minced meat / fish ball / wonton noodle, fried oysters, etc.

Today is always a special day (IG: rimareyka.writes)

As for me, I am specialise in cooking the food that I love eating. Hahaha...... :P It varies from pasta salad, potato salad, burger, tortilla wraps, pasta Bolognese or cream pasta, stir fried noodle / vermicelli / kway teow, fried rice, vegetable fritter, Tahu isi (tofu filled with vegetable fritter), Indonesian style Soto chicken soup, Lontong, Korean pancakes, muesli, Bhutanese dishes (ema datshi, kewa datshi, dhall), and so on. 

Indonesian Tahu Isi (Tofu filled with veg fritter)

I do not intend to brag here but like I mentioned earlier, I cook things that I love eating, and I have too many food that I love hahaha.... :D

Homecooked Swiss Rosti :)

You might have heard too that Singapore was the world's most expensive country in 2019, and therefore, to eat in restaurant, you would need to get ready to pay a lot of money.

Homecooked Korean veg pancake - perfect with Soju :)

In order to taste the similar food but paying less, many times I decided to prepare it myself at home. 

Healthy chicken wrap with Salsa and fries :)

Usually first, I would find how to make it from YouTube videos. I would usually watch at least 3 different posts before deciding which one to follow and to find better tips in more crispy results, or simpler way and ingredients used. 

Homemade green bean popsicles :)

Many food I tried it first time, like the first photo you see in this blog post - Sweet potato balls. And yes, I love making easy dessert too to be eaten after meal or during tea / coffee break :)

Pancake with banana and ice cream :)

The above pancake was made based on my mother's recipe. I modified it by adding banana and Milo powder inside, and topped it with ice cream. It was perfect to have it during tea break. 

Korean noodle for cooling days :D

Recently it rains almost daily. The weather makes Singapore so cool and nice. The Korean drama made me wanting to eat something hot and spicy, and the above was simply perfect!!! Kimchi and dumplings were extra ingredients!!! Hahaha.... :P

My friend already warned me of gaining weight. Lol!!! Thank you for your reminder :D I shall bear it in  mind. 

Dalgona coffee with brown sugar and sea salt flavoured milk

Last but not the least, finally I made the trendy Dalgona coffee too :) The ingredients are simple: coffee powder, sugar and milk. Mixed 2 Tsp of coffee powder, 2 Tsp of sugar, and 2 Tsp of hot water. Mixed it in a bowl using whisk. Stir it non-stop until it is thicken and colour changed to light brown colour (approximately 8 mins). Prepare 2 glass of milk (either cold or hot - to your liking). Fill in the coffee foam on top of the milk and voila!!! Enjoy your Dalgona coffee!!! :)

I may only an amateur cook, but I enjoy cooking because I know my loved ones will enjoy eating it and I just do my best to make it edible and nice. Do not forget to put in the most ingredients in every thing you prepare, which is LOVE :)

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