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Phase 2 - Starting 19th June 2020

Phase 2 - What you need to know (Pic source:

C'est enfin là!!! It is finally here.... Phase 2 (safe transition) has been started since yesterday in Singapore. You can find more information about what we can and cannot do during this period from the attached pictures (above and below).

First of all, yes, more people are allowed to meet and go outside together in a group, also to visit household (max. 5 people). One-metre safe distancing measure is a must anytime anywhere you go, both between individuals and groups. 

Wearing mask remains compulsory for this period of time as the opening up does not necessarily mean that the country has been free from Corona virus. It is mostly done due to the economy reason only (shop close --> no job --> no income --> higher employment rate --> higher crime rate/ depression/ suicide, etc.)

What can we do in Phase 2 (Pic source:

The most exciting part of the Phase 2 that most people was waiting for was that the retail shops and F&B outlets could reopen for shopping and even dining-in (takeaway and delivery are still recommended though). Bubble tea shops were allowed to open too!!! :)

This excitement could even be seen starting from 19th June midnight, where group of people immediately gathered at the prata joint or neighborhood coffee shops together with friends and/ or family members and had their late supper. 

Me too, excited to dine-in at coffee shop :P

Everyone from any ages was exciting and missing even just to sit down at the coffee shops. The feelings were indescribable, especially for Singaporeans. Sitting down and smoking (in smoking seating area), sipping the local brewed coffee or tea during daytime, drinking their favorite beer (ordering in bucket) with group of friends at nighttime, chilling out, eating delicious local dishes, and feeling the breeze or cool wind (especially in rainy season like now) were definitely parts of most Singaporean's way of living. Simple things in life that most of us took it for granted.

Many gathered at restaurants and bars too starting Friday night despite the liquor sales and consumption have to cease at 10.30 pm, plus live music, television and video screenings will not be allowed in all F&B outlets. Nightspot at Holland Village was very crowded and spotted with many long queue to enter the F&B establishments.

Long queue at Waterway Point to enter the mall at about 2 pm - 19th June 2020

Shopping mall had more visitors too starting yesterday, as more retail shops had been opened. Scanning bar-code or Identification Card to trace your visit plus body temperature check are still a must activity before entering the shops and malls.

The additional part is the limitation capacity for the number of people that are allowed to be roaming inside the mall. That is why you can expect long queue outside the mall and even some popular shops, e.g. Daiso, ZARA, IKEA, Popular Bookshop, etc. 

Queue to enter Daiso inside Waterway Point at 12.30 pm - 19th June 2020

If you need to go down to mall to buy your necessary items, please avoid the peak period (weekends and after school over). Otherwise you make sure you have enough energy for queuing (to enter and even to pay what you buy). It might take longer than you expected.

What we cannot do in Phase 2 (Pic source:

The above activities are still not allowed to do now as it shows opportunities for large clusters to form in community. So, many people can still continue watching their favorite movies and drama online, singing karaoke, praying, and listening religious teachings from home. 

The phase 2 may carry on for months and we have to learn to be patience until the phase 3 (the final phase) or the new normal begins. 

Let us be grateful that we have been blessed with everything that we have now (be it health, food, place to stay, etc.) and stay vigilant towards what exists around us. Be considerate to people whom we stay with and meet up with and take responsible of our own health being. May the above bless us always!!! :)

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