Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Jealous??? (Pic source:

Who said jealousy can only happen for young people? My dad too could still feel jealous, even when he's in his 70s.

We reached Penang just about the dinner time. The famous New Lane hawker centre was just in vicinity from where we stayed. We had various delicious local dishes and completed our meal with a glass of fresh ampula juice.

On our way back we passed by row of taxis that usually waiting outside the Sunway Hotel. Suddenly mom recognised a guy in his 60s who stood beside his taxi.

"This guy is... hmm... what's his name...," she was thinking hard, "Richard right?" talking to me and pointed at the guy. Upon hearing his own name, the guy nodded his head and smiling.

"We often used his taxi last time," she told me. "Do you still remember me?" mom asked him.

"Yeah, fifty four," he said.

My mom then arranged taxi with him for the next morning.

"Hey, tomorrow what time? 7.30 ya?" shouted Mom to my dad who kept walking in front. He stopped for a while, looking back and roughly answered, "As you like," and continued walking.

When we caught his steps, he told Mom sourly, "Fifty four. He knew where we stayed." It referred to the number of house where we stayed. I didn't even hear the guy saying it but he noticed. Then he whispered to me, "Like meeting old flame."

"What??" Mom asked. "Nothing. What tree is that?" He pointed at the tree near us and immediately changed the topic of the conversation to avoid trouble. Haha....

Jealous cos she is beautiful (Pic source:

The next morning the guy already waited outside the house even when we went down five minutes earlier. Dad sat in front. The guy tried introducing many places we passed by but he acted cool and not replied much.

That evening when we passed by the Sunway Hotel again, he passed remarks, "See, there are so many taxis here. Why must we make appointment with him?" Hahaha... 

When I told Mom about it, she was laughing happily instead of getting angry. So it applied to any women that they would feel happy when their men got jealous with other guys, even when the men was old enough :D


karma wangzom said...

wow nice piece of write up and i always enjooy reading your blogspot but hardly i do comments on ,
Jealous is a natural, instinctive emotion that everyone experiences at one and i felt miss happiness's dad felt insignificant because he might have felt being ignored.
hope you are good and all is well with you.take care.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you dear for your effort to finally leave your comment here! Indeed la, jealousy could happen to anyone ^^ Hope all is good on your side too and take care la!!! :)

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