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Outer Mongolia - Experiencing Mongolian Tent or Ger (Part 3)

Inside the local Mongolian ger - Bayangobi

When coming to Mongolia, it was a must-try thing to experience living inside the Mongolian tent (commonly said ger). In our itinerary it included 3 different places for us to stay inside the Mongolian tourist camp. All the 3 sizes of ger we stayed were different, letting us experiencing different feeling, although the number of people remained the same (max. 4 pax in one ger).

1. Bayangobi Tourist Camp

Bayangobi Tourist Camp - Outer Mongolia

This was the first tourist camp we stayed - Bayangobi Tourist Camp. Ger were set in few rows. Depending on your luck, those stayed near the toilet was considered good location as the toilet cum bathroom was located in separate area. Especially for those who often visited toilet break at nighttime, like me. But if your ger was too far from toilet, worry not, as you still could do your business around your ger (only small business please....) hahahaha.... :P

Outside our ger - Bayangobi Tourist Camp

This size of ger was just nice for 4 of us. Not too big and not too small. As you could see at the below picture, in the middle they usually installed the manual room heater (burned using woods). That night the coldness was bearable, and therefore, no heater was required. The blanket was enough to keep us warm.

Panoramic view inside our ger - Bayangobi Tourist Camp

In each tourist camp they provided us with separated toilet and bathroom for men and women, dining hall, and souvenir shop. Bigger one was equipped with bar. Below was the typical souvenir shop seen all over Mongolia (the wheels were installed so when they moved around, this portable shop could be pulled up by few yaks or cows).

Mongolian style souvenir shop - Bayangobi Tourist Camp - Mongolia

The toilet plus bathroom was surprisingly maintained really well. They employed a worker to standby there the whole day to ensure that the toilet was clean at all times - to ensure the floor was dry and clean, toilet paper was available, and so on.

Toilet plus bathroom at Bayangobi Tourist Camp - Mongolia

The bathroom was also equipped with water heater. However, due to the limitation of the heater system size, it could only satisfy the first few users. When the hot water had finished, the next user had to wait for a while before the heater started warming the water back again. That also including the availability of the water. Those who taking bath later, most probably they would run out of water. Unfortunately my ladies friends and I were among those people who took bath late.

I had to use the water drip by drip to clean my body, as if the water came from heaven, really had to treasure them very well. Luckily I managed to clean myself, even washing my hair and everything. In place like this, clean water was really a treasure and not for taken for granted!!!

Had a wonderful time at Bayangobi desert - Mongolia

This area was located not far from desert. We were brought there to experience desert life with its sand dunes.

With the Mongolian camel :) - Bayangobi Desert

Riding camels in a group - Bayangobi Desert - Outer Mongolia

Riding camel and visiting the local herdsman ger was also another activity offered. We sat there and were given opportunity to ask question regarding their nomadic lives, a life that was really different with what we were having right now.

Grassland nearby Bayangobi Tourist Camp (Photo courtesy: Jack Lim)

Beautiful nature surrounding Bayangobi Tourist Camp (Photo courtesy: Jack Lim)

Nearby the camp you could find the beautiful grassland as per shown at the photos above. From afar, the place looked like having nothing, but when we got closer, it turned out that the grass was not flat, but it looked more like small hills on top of another and decorated with small flowers.

Beautiful and quiet place to do meditation :D - Bayangobi, Outer Mongolia

Yoga too... :P - Bayangobi, Outer Mongolia

My friends and I could not hold ourselves but posing with this beautiful nature :D

Before sleeping :D Inside our ger at Bayangobi Tourist Camp

At night we spent our time together inside our ger tasting Chinggis Vodka with their chips, chit chatting about anything else that came up out of our minds. Even when the electricity was gone, we had our torch light ready within our hand to brighten up the tent. And yes, after series of drinking, all of us took our small business just outside our ger, instead of heading all the way to the beautiful toilet nearby... Hahahahaha.... (vodka effect) :P

2. Anar Tourist Camp

Panoramic view of the Anar Tourist Camp - Outer Mongolia

Endless photo session near the beautiful Orkhon River - Kharkhorin, Outer Mongolia

With the background of my favorite animals and surroundings (mountains and river) - Orkhon River

We moved on to Kharkhorin the next day and we stayed at the above tourist camp. The location was good as it was very near from the Orkhon River. The view was simply natural, beautiful, and amazing!!! All your troubles were sure gone away after quenching the nature thirst over this place!!! Because it worked on me!!! :)

Circling the Stupa on top of the hill - Anar Tourist Camp - Kharkhorin, Outer Mongolia

Posing with Mongolian students at the Monument for Mongol States - Kharkhorin, Outer Mongolia

It was within walking distance to reach the river, as well as to reach the Monument for Mongol States. We had a short hike to reach the top. Despite the rain, we all reached all over the place and enjoyed the view so much!!! :)

Inside our ger - Anar Tourist Camp - Kharkhorin, Mongolia

This time our ger was quite small though among the three. It was just nice as the weather was colder at night.

Inside the decorative dining room with my local guide at the background - Anar Tourist Camp

We had 3-course set meal for both lunch and dinner. They served continental dishes. Loved them all! :)

Turning the manual heater inside our ger - Anar Tourist Camp - Kharkhorin, Mongolia

We even had to ask the staff to turn the heater inside our room. Unlike other ger, luckily we had Bhutanese lady here who knew how to control the heat from this manual heater. Our room was kept warm until we slept because of her skill :D Thank you Sangay!!! :)

Waiting for the sunrise to come at 4.30 am - Anar Tourist Camp

I was awoken few times early in the morning as my friends wanted to see the sunrise. We were not sure when the sunrise began. That was why I woke up as early as 4 am and only to find the sky was still dark.

Sunrise at Anar Tourist Camp (Photo courtesy: Peggy)

Sunrise at Anar Tourist Camp (Photo courtesy: Peggy)

I finally gave up when it started to rain. I thought, would the sun still come when it was raining?? Moreover the friend who wanted to see sunrise at the first place was sleeping all the time. Hahaha... I got lazy and decided to continue to sleep.

Sunrise with the rainbow at Anar Tourist Camp - Kharkhorin, Mongolia (Photo courtesy: Peggy)

Only the next morning after having breakfast our tour leader said that there was a rainbow. Our tour mate, Peggy, managed to capture the sunrise and the rainbow. She had kindheartedly sharing the pictures with us. And I could not wait to share them with you all here on this post. Hope you enjoy the posts so far :)

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