Monday, April 19, 2021

Life back with glasses

Life back with glasses (Pic source:

I started wearing glasses since I was in Primary 5. During teenager time, I found wearing the glasses so troublesome and inconvenient. I had broken many of it due to the lack of my gentleness. Especially when I used to practise Tae Kwon Do during my secondary school time. I found it hindering my practise and when I had to remove it during competition, I could not see my opponent well and was at a losing side.

My eldest sister was the first who wore it and I had hard time to convince my mother to get one pair for myself because it was expensive. Beside purchasing the lens, I also had to purchase its solution to wash it before sleep every night.

After having it, I was having hard time when I tried putting it into my eyes. My eyes were not used to accepting the new object to stick onto it. Many times I ended up losing it into the drain as I usually tried wearing it at the sink, looking myself in front of the mirror that was located on top of it. My mother was angry but had no choice to purchase the replacement for me. 

It has been more than 8 months now that I gave up using the contact lens. I had been seeing the world with the help of it for more than 2 decades. Whenever I travelled, I had to bring a pair or two spare lens, in case I lose it accidentally, together with bottles of solutions water. 

It really helped me a lot and brought me with convenience until last year, when I felt my eyes could not see clearly even after wearing it. At first, I thought I was having 'old people's eyes' as I could not read small letter with my lens on. Then because of Covid, I could not purchase it from my hometown (as it was much cheaper than to get it here in Singapore). 

But even with the balance of lens that I had, I just could not read well while wearing it. So I decided to make a new pair of glasses last August. It turned out that it was not because of 'old people's eyes', but the measurement of the lens I purchased might not working well for eyes with high level of astigmatism.

I got you!!! (Pic source:

When I worked at my first part-time job, I was telling myself to wear glasses despite the inconvenience because my job was dealing with reading the orders through the computerised ordering sheet and monitor too. It was a fast pace job so I could not risk myself from making wrong order or preparing it slow just because I could not read clearly. 

Fortunately, I found out that most of the part timer there (who mostly were students), more than 80% was wearing glasses too (as a result of studying, looking at mobile phone, and/ or looking at computer screen too much). So I felt that I was in the same category, and I suddenly felt young too, just like them!!! (that was why too that I kept my hair long :P long hair and spectacle = student look) Hahahahaha.... XD

It has been 8 months now my life back with glasses. Yes, it still feels inconvenient for having to wear it wherever I go, but I do not have to remove lens and wash it every night before sleeping, after having such a long day. I could just put the glasses on my side table, turn off the light, and fall asleep right away. 

I do not have to feel dryness on my eyes too while staying long inside the air-conditioned room, or inside the plane. I save money from buying bottles of solution water. I can change different style of glasses with cheaper cost and lighter lens with the increase of competitors and advanced technology. 

Glasses could also protect my eyes from the splash of oil and/or hot water while working in the kitchen, from dust while cycling and walking on the road. 

Yes, I need these glasses too :P

Well, I guess everything happens for a good reason, if only you want to find those heaps of good reasons. So, I finally let my eyes to rest from the lens and hope it gets healthier as I grow older :)

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