Sunday, December 10, 2023



Realisation #1

Long before mobile phone existed, I believed that everyone's most favorite pass time was daydreaming. That was when many poets, writers giving birth to many creations that mostly based on their imaginations ratherthan their experiences in life. Well, at least for me. Daydreaming was my favourite one!!! 

We could daydream just about anything!!! About our singer idols / movie stars, about boy or girl that we secretly had a crush with, about our perfect date that never realised (because it was just too beautiful and perfect to imagine), about having lots of money that never finished, about having perfect figures, beautiful face, long silky hair, and so on. Well, I was too young to daydream something more serious like becoming millionaires, directors, but would not mind of daydreaming about having a dream house / castle-like with maids and butlers ready by our side at any time. Lol!

The beauty of the daydream was that, there was no limit of what we wanted to imagine. As long as we had spare time to waste (like being stuck in the traffic jam, no school next day, even when we pooed inside toilet), we could take our time as much as we wanted. 

We did not need any device for daydreaming, just a head full of imagination, with blank eyes that could stare at anything around. Any place would do too, no need to be in certain place or special ones. Be it at the side of the bus window or car (my favorite ones), at the school's desk, on the bed, and so on.

And the best thing about daydreaming was that, it was free of charge. No monthly subscription to pay (Internet, electricity, mobile plan), no expensive mobile phone required, no computer or desktop required, simply nothing!!!

Do you agree???

Realisation #2

Last time, I used to wonder. In such a small country like Singapore with a population of only around 5 millions people, how come it was very difficult, or hard, or rare, the chance to bump with anyone that I know whenever I was inside the public transports, in MRT or bus station, inside shopping malls and other entertainment complex, as if the number of people that I know over the two decades of living here in Singapore was really small or even non-exist. It couldn't be, right?

We were not living in country like Indonesia that consisted of 18,000 islands (big and small), and over 270 million population. Therefore, the chance to meet someone we know was definitely much lower.

But as I grow old, I realised one thing. Even when we bumped in somewhere, first, the person might not be able to recognise the other party (although most of the time, I could recognise them, even after not meeting for many years). It might be due to the weight gains or losses, aging, make up, plastic surgery (although lesser cases), and so on. 

And even when we might recognise each other, the other party might be in deep thought about anything that happened to them that day (maybe unhappy encounters at work, feeling tired, family problems, money problems, etc.) Therefore, they might be unaware of my presence. 

Second, even when we looked at each other and talked, many times we forgot the name of that person as we might have attended many schools, courses, training places throughout our lives, we might have worked in many establishments over a period of time, and so on. 

Even gathering with so called relatives were usually limited to only once per year during Chinese New year (provided you attend it yearly and not find any excuses to purposely save the angpao distributions), or unless there was any wedding and baby one-month celebration.

You might not be able to keep up with the children growing up faces too, unless you stalk them over Facebook or Instagram accounts. 

And lately, I actually felt very grateful with the rare chance of bumping, because not everyone wanted to meet and greet everyone they knew and bumped into. That was why sometimes, even they knew each other, they would act as if they were stranger. They purposely walked into the opposite direction, stuck their eyes and attention deeply into their mobile phone, closed their eyes when they sat down in the mrt as if they were sleeping, stuck their ears with their ear piece or headphone, acted busy with their laptop, and faster walked as if the loan shark was chasing into them, and so on. 

Many reasons could rise from it. They might not friend anymore due to any misunderstanding, clashes in opinions; they might be facing life difficulties that they were unwilling to share with others (getting retrenched, unemployed, divorce, breaking up, having major sickness, and so on); or people just simply did not like to have such superficial friendship. Well, if you think about it, many friends in our Facebook were people we did not know, had not met before, strangers. But why we keep such friends?

Well, perhaps one day I would come up with realisation #3 regarding that. Hahaha....

Anyway, it was a lovely morning. As I breathe in fresh air from my balcony, all sorts of thought appeared. Wish everyone a wonderful Sunday!!! Please take good care of yourself wherever you are. Flu, cough, lung infection happened everywhere around the world. I am still fighting it and wishing myself to recover soon. Hope all of you are in good health!!!


Sandi said...

I still daydream. 🙂

I think it is always a wonder when we run into people we know. Imagine the odds.

Also, 18,000 islands in Indonesia? 270 million people? Astounding!

Overcome Life said...

Lucky you!!! These days people (like me) would succumb ourselves to Netflix rather than daydreaming.
And yes, the chance is really really small, isn't it? :)

Yeshey Dorji said...

How fortunate that you are among the very few who has the luxury of being able to day dream – to traverse a dream world of boundless possibilities, limited only by your imagination. I think it is a positive thing – to be able to dream – it means that you have not lost hope in life. There are many who have forgotten how to dream, because the dream world is a world beyond their fathoming.

Overcome Life said...

Dream is just a dream. And most often in life, even our real life feels only like a dream. I hope you do not lose hope in life and be able to keep dreaming too!!! I wish you a wonderful year ahead and all your dreams come true... :)

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