Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dumb dumb..

Yesterday after work, we hurriedly cathced the bus, in a heavy rain. My long pant has been wet and so does my sandal. We went to Cineleisure Orchard to catch a movie preview, Poseidon. We had a quick dinner at Subway and KFC *kekeke.. we're heavy eater.. then went up to 6th floor. My friend called her friend and try to meet them but after walkin' here and there, we still couldn't find them. Both of them admitted that they were in 6th floor already. One say, there were a long queue, which another one said.. she couldn't see any long queue there. Later on, one say there was a transparent lift, while another one couldn't find one and she then asked the person who worked there. She asked whether there is any transparent lift, which there wasn't and the guy then said... "Which cinema are you referring to? There are another Cathay next to Plaza Singapura.." I asked, "where? I thought that one is Golden Village in PS??" The guy replied impatiently, "No, not that one. The other cinema near there.. the new one.." Blink!!! My brain turned imagining the other cinema that the guy mentioning about... I passed by there before and now everything has become clear at that moment. No wonder her friend asked her to meet at PS there and saying that there was only 5 minutes distance from PS to there.. which Cineleisure in Orchard is definitely much further and takes longer time than that. We're rushingly went down from 6 to 1st floor and hurriedly walking to in front of Mandarin Hotel to catch a TAXI, which was about 5 minutes wait. We asked the driver to drive faster, although it has to go through the other way, which was much more expensive, to avoid the jam at the Orchard Road. We ended paying $7.60 for the distance from Mandarin Hotel to The Cathay there, but it's all worthed since when we arrived there at about 7.45pm, the movie has not started yet.. hehehe... It supposed to start at 7.20pm. Luckily we managed to watch from the beginning. When inside the cab, we had already imagined that by the time we arrived there, the ship has sunk already.. hahaha...
Well, overall, the film for me was not as good as Titanic, perhaps due to the time constraint. But also they only focus on few people for the filming. The boat also sank very fast, only after few minutes it started. For such a very big ship like that, they only previewed a very little people and little scenes. Aniwae, it's all alright..
We then went back home and talking about our stupidness.. My friend said she was dumb.. and I told her.. dumb people followed dumb people, which means.. I was dumb too.. hehehe..

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