Thursday, January 11, 2007

Es teler

Last nite after having my dinner, I started preparing ingredients for es teler. I bought avocado and nata de coco 3 days ago, then my hubby bought coconut, jackfruit, and sweet condensed milk yesterday which made a great mix for es teler.. Weee... so niceeee... =))) but many people haven't eaten avocado before.. hehehe.. let them tried it then...
I'm not a great fan of es teler.. but it is really a nice combination of drink.. oh yeah.. i ate two portions and woke up thrice to go toilet at nite.. kekekeke.... XP

Dunno why I kept having headache these few days.. Yesterday I had once before and during lunch time and this morning, my eyes started to have this bright vision again and it need about 15 mins to have it gone.. and after that my headache started.. hm... something's wrong... =(

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