Sunday, January 07, 2007


Photo above was taken on 30th December 2006. We had the small gathering in Frenky's place in Simei. Aileen & her bf, Frenky w/ his wife & daughter - Mevi, GT & his wife, Henry Agus, Anthony, and me & Reever. We were at the same high school back in Jakarta, although coming from different classes. It was fate who brought us together here in Singapore =)
After high school graduation, all of us went to different school.. different country.. and met w/ different people.. But at the end, we still managed to get together after 10 years.. Amazing huh?

Aileen brought her hand made salad.. I brought the rujak & sauce.. GT brought Hagen Daz & Jerry's ice cream.. Henry & Anthony brought sprinkle juices.. while Frenky ordered food for us to eat.. *fried rice, fried noodle, spring roll, go hiong, asam fish head.. not bad oh???
My son kept playing w/ Mevi until she couldn't stand him.. hahaha... We were having good time and chatted 'til 10.30pm.. then went back home

Photo above was taken yesterday. It was a farewell one of my colleagues.. We had dinner after work. Penny had been working w/ SMC for few years and it was a bit sad that she is leaving. She always joined us in any activity w/ her 2 daughters. So, it was a bit lost as well for me that my son lost his khaki liao.. After Caroline, now Penny.. but no worry, 'cos AH's wife just gave birth Da Bao which will grow up soon.. hehehe...

Hm.. people come and go.. Within 2 years I worked there, so many people in my dept changed to a better job. Of course I'm happy for them.. but sad too 'cos it was fate who bring us together.. With their leaving, it means.. our fate has gotten less but it doesn't mean that we are not friends anymore.. We still can in touch through email, phone, meet up.. but it's just getting lessen..

We had our dinner at Lagun Sari near Tj Pagar MRT. It wasn't bad.. We ate 'till very full... Finally I had tasted my favourite tahu kipas.. hehehe... We ate.. chatted.. and went back about 9.40pm..

Hm... it needs fate to bring people to meet together.. I enjoy keeping in touch w/ my old friends.. even I met this auntie who used to clean our office toilet few days ago during my journey to Bugis by bus.. She still remembers me too.. She stays nearby my house.. I also still manage to in touch w/ primary school friend, junior high school friend, uni's friend, childhood friend.. ex-colleagues.. etc.. So good to stay around friends.. but to find a real good friend ain't easy.. to find a person who can connect w/ u ain't easy at all.. it's really fate who brought us together.. once the fate has to end.. we won't have any contact at all.. so sad.. but that's life.. and life has to go on.. no matter what.. we must always be strong.. and who knows we meet other new fate in our lives???

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