Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday blue..

I don't think I have had Monday blue all this time.. but starting today.. I will have one.. hehehehe... My class will start today. Kinda stress just to think about it. I forgot to bring my water bottle.. hehehe.. It's been quite some time already since my last class. My bag is quite heavy filled w/ file, notes, stationery, umbrella, sweater, and other things.. still not included all books and notes that will be given in class later. So, gotta buy some food & drink later during lunch time in order not to get starving later in class.. hehehehe...
Hope I can go back to the rhythm and follow w/ the flow.. Btw, they'll open Starbucks in front of a new SOHO building.. Just thinking of studying there once in a while.. XP
Hm.. become a student again.. Feel younger.. hahaha.. but more stressful.. I must 'add oil'!!!!

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