Monday, May 28, 2007


Finally I had dinner w/ my sis, her flatmate and her flatmate's friend at Arirang Korean restaurant, located at 93 Amoy Street. I went on foot there, but lost my way 'cos I remembered the address wrongly. I thought it was Ayer Street or Telok Ayer Street, which I found, but couldn't find the number. Lucky my sis called me and told me the address, which is located at Amoy Street, one block away from the Telok Ayer Street.

We ate there, 'cos my sis's flatmate's friend, who is Korean, helps her auntie to work in the restaurant (so the restaurant belongs to his auntie) and they serve toupoki (rice cake), which is my sis' favourite food and she hardly finds it in any other restaurant. We ordered bulgogi, chicken BBQ, japjae (fried Korean noodles), dulsot bibimbab, and the toupoki. The portion was not much per plate and the price ranges between $15-$18 per dish, which I found quite expensive. The taste was ok for the bulgogi, japjae, and toupoki. Didn't feel "WOW" with the food, but just "ok". Maybe I was thinking the the BBQ was done on the spot, which was not (they cooked it for us at the kitchen). And the belly pork and other pork that we wanted, were not available *what type of restaurant is that??? That's why we ended up ordering chicken BBQ, which was not nice at all. The toupoki was quite fresh and tastes nice. We ordered one alcohol drink shared by 4 persons, but I don't like it. The taste was blend and simply alcohol taste. And we were the only customers at that night.. They only have one Chinese server who didn't know much about the standard/basic service (in the beginning he didn't give us plates and cutleries although the food had been served into our table). The total price is $115.50. I found it's not worthed for the dishes we ate. I don't think I will go there anymore.

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