Friday, May 18, 2007

Blades of Glory

My sis-in-law's cousin smsed me telling that he got 2 extra movie tickets to be used on Wed nite. When he told me the title of the movie, I was thinking, what type of movie was that??? I tried to search in Internet and it's still on sneak preview and they didn't say what is all the movie about. Only when I told my hubby, he said it's a comedy.. Well.. I had nothing to do that nite, so I agreed to take the tickets.

My hubby and I went there w/ shuttle bus and we took our dinner at BK before watching it. Not bad at all.. We laughed lot of times during the show... It was really entertaining.. released stress.. hehehehe... Actually the story is about two single men (Jimmy and Chazz) who compete on ice ring and both were happened to win the competition but when they received the gold medals, they fought and both of them were banned from competition forever - for single competition. Few years later Jimmy's fans found out a loop hole in the law that it didn't ban them for couple competition and Jimmy's couch, who at first disagreed w/ Jimmy's intention to join the couple competition, was thinking that both of them could be a couple for the competition. And both of them indeed became the first couple who were man-man couple in the competition. They've made it to the top final. But their competitors tried to get rid of them by putting a wicked plot using their sister, who likes Jimmy. Well.. at the end everything goes back to the track and finally both of them won the competition..

From enemy, became partner.. It wasn't easy huh??? I guess all of us often heard that when we had enemy in school time (especially when we and our enemy are opposite sex), people would say.. hey be careful.. who knows in the future both of you would be a couple.. hehehe... ;P Ever encountered that before???

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