Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hotel approval ^^

Yipppeeee.... I received a good news this morning. My colleague called and said that my application for room reservation using anniversary stay voucher & extension using staff rate was approved!!! Wahhhh... so glad!!! It's my first time using the anniversary stay voucher. The voucher was given by the company to staff who has worked in the company more than a year. They will give 2 nights accommodation free in any chain hotel that I work, but can only be used overseas (not in Singapore). While staff rate is the special room rate for staff for any same chain hotel everywhere in the world, which is normally more than half cheaper than a normal room rate.

I bought the budget ticket airline last year end to Bangkok for me and my hubby since they had promotion (5 cents only per journey per person... soo cheap!!!). After added taxes and other charge, it became $222.20 for 2 persons. I planned to go in June end 'cos I was thinking of going there after exam and to celebrate my hubby's b'day at the same time.

I also planned to use the anniversary voucher and extend another night using staff rate. I've heard recently from other colleague that it's getting harder to get the room night at that hotel 'cos their occupancy rate is high. That's why I didn't expect so much that it will be approved and had myself ready to look for another hotel to stay.. but I still tried.. 'cos no harm at all for trying. And today... yeahhhh... very happy to find out that the application was approved.

And like I wrote at my previous blog, at first my hubby still thought of not going there 'cos he's afraid he'd get a job and requires him not to take leave.. so I said to myself.. if the hotel was approved, I will still go there with or without my hubby.. And at the same time, Ching has also shown her interest of going there and meeting me.. so.. I guess my holiday will be on!!! I was thinking of cancelling the trip too if the hotel wasn't approved.. but since Ching is going.. so I'll still go and now.. added w/ hotel approval.. I will definitely go.. hehehehhehehehe.... Hopefully the political condition will be stable at that moment.. otherwise.. my hubby won't let me go :P
Ching may go there earlier.. Her father is planning to travel w/ tour group but she might not join the group but may fly at the same day together w/ her father.. and I will only meet her on my first day there...

Although Bangkok is not faraway from Indonesia and Singapore, I've never been there before.. Dunno why leh... So.. quite happy that I've a chance to go there.. Since I finished my study 6 years ago.. little did I expect that I would still travel around. Most of the time I will fly back home to Indonesia and if not, to Hong Kong, where my sis is staying. Other than that.. the near destination is KL or Genting. Only starting last year, I started to go to places I'd never been before.. Started w/ West of America. Then beginning of this year, I managed to visit Macao (also never been there before). And now.. to Bangkok... Weee.....

Still have some places in my mind.. like Tibet, East of America, Canada, maybe Batam/Bintan, Italy, etc. Hehehe.. later lah.. if got enough money.. and time.. hope my dreams would come true....

Well.. thanks God for the arrangement. Hope my hubby can make it as well.. so he can enjoy life for a while too before really get in into his job. Hope he can find a suitable job soon!

Btw, today's leave was cancelled 'cos doctor appointment was postponed to next Monday. I'm thinking of taking leave next Monday. Hope it'd be approved too.... :)
Well.. continue my job now... Ciao!!!

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