Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hyong To Gol Korean Restaurant

I had dinner w/ my sis last nite at Korean restaurant named above. It's located at Amara Hotel, Tanjong Pagar. I got to know about it from food reviews at blurbme.com. They reviewed it until so nice and thought that it's the most authentic one. To satisfy my curiosity, I went to have a try. Coincidentally my sis went to the place nearby the hotel at the time near my off-working hour so I went to meet her lor...
The restaurant is located at level 2. Not much decoration inside but it looks tidy and clean. There were not many guests inside. Perhaps only about 6 tables fulfilled (less than half of the available seat) . And they have more than enough staff to serve the guests.

Well.. we decided to eat BBQ meat instead of steamboat 'cos BBQ meat is more suitable to be eaten w/ beer.. I was in the mood of having beer, relaxing and chatting for that evening. Somemore, it's been quite a while since my last sip of the beer (almost 2 months). So, we ordered a portion of BBQ beef anchangsal, BBQ pork belly, salad set to accompany the meat, shredded beef soup yookgaejang, and the seafood pancake, haemool paejeon. Fyi, it's only two of us. Hahahaha...... And a bottle of beer for each of us (Corona for my sis, and Hite, Korean beer, for me).

There are 10 type of side dishes, but not all of them nice. There are two types of kimchis, which similar one to another. The meat was cooked by the staff and the good thing is that the smoke was sucked directly surrounded the pan, so the smoke won't come out and our hair & body won't get smelly. The seafood pancake was very nice. This is the best thing I could taste from all food I ordered. It's crispy and soft at the same time. The flour wasn't too thick. The taste was perfectly nice accompanied w/ the sauce. It's quite big portion too, contains 8 slices. We only managed to finish 5 and I took it away for home for other 3 slices. The soup was fine. My sis doesn't like it. But for me, it was ok. The beef was really shredded long and mixed well w/ the vegetable. Perhaps the food is too much that's why we can't really enjoy each of them.. hahaha... The meat was alright too.. Nothing special. There is no extraordinary thing that makes me want to go back there. I still prefer the Korean restaurant at International Building. And I still miss the Korean Restaurant at Tsim sha tsui, Hong Kong. Their pancake is the best mannn!!! And so does the BBQ meat. Moreover, the prices are comparable too. Next time I go Hong Kong, I must go there again... hehehehe...
Well.. the Hite was not bad.. It's my first time to try Korean beer. If you wonder, it tastes same like other beer. But it's quite ex lor.. A bottle of beer costs $9.50 each. And all meal costs us $130. Hahahahhaa..... crazy... But we have prepared ourselves for it.. and go dutch. At least now we know how the food taste and the quality like.

They served cold ginger water at the end of the meal. It's very refreshing. I took one bowl extra for it.. hahahahahahaha....... Both of us were verryyy full.... Once going back home, I took a shower, watched my TV show 'til 11pm, and went to bed soonafter.

Hm.... if my sis decided to move to Aussie later on, I'm going to miss our makan session since both of us share common interest on food.

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