Monday, May 14, 2007

Interview tips - check out the company's name and address

Ever go to the wrong place for your interview??? What was ur feeling after knowing that?? Did u still go to the right place? Or give up the interview?

Well.. sometimes we send lots of resume to many companies at the same time. So when we received the call to come for interview, we were too happy until we forget asking which company was it who called us and we ended up going to the wrong place.

I help my boss to call new candidates to come for interview. And there was one recently who actually came to our sister's company and not our company. I don't know should I angry or laugh... Pity for the girl but it's her mistake not to ask clearly about the company name nor the company's address. She finally came here after knowing her mistake. But if you as an interviewer knew about it.. don't u think ur impression would be bad???

This morning I called another candidate. This time, she was asking the full company name and address. And I was impressed (although I'm not her interviewer..) 'cos she knows what she supposed to do tomorrow.. about where to go... and avoid the mistake of going to the wrong place..

Well.. it can be a lesson for all of us next time when receiving call for interview. Hope we won't make the same mistake in the future...

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