Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Wowww... It's May already, how time flies...
Yesterday was labour day. I watched news last night and it said that lots of countries were in chaos, such as: Macao, Turkey, etc. There were demonstration as well in Seoul, Jakarta, etc.
Only Chinese celebrated the long holiday in their country.
Wah, this morning I almost fainted inside the train. I felt very weak. I lost my energy. My hands started to trumble, I could feel my face turning pale, and my eyes sight were blurry.. Luckily when reach Dobhy Ghout, someone who sat behind me walking away so that I could occupy his seat for a while before I went out in the next station. I felt better but not well yet.. I had to walk slowly and tried to gather my energy.. hoped that I could reach my office safely and I did. I managed to reach the office safely. I went to canteen first to have a grab of pair of toast w/ kaya and butter and half cup of coffee.. to gain some energy from it.
Wahh... it was terrible.. Imagine you were alone in that type of situation. It wasn't my first time. I encountered the same thing before. I guess, it's because I drank water before I went out, then I read newspaper since the time I stepped in the train and when I lifted up my head, I started to feel uncomfortable. Oh ya, plus the air-con. I kept praying for the rest of my journey.. Thanks God!!!
May... One of my schoolmate will get married on 9th May in Jakarta. But I don't think I'll be able to attend it.. =( There will be overnight tour organised by my working place next Friday, but I don't know yet if I attend it or not. I'm afraid I only end up w/ sleeping in the couch all the night instead of browsing around the places hehehe... I'll have medical appointment in the mid of the month. Hm.. not much plan yet.
Well.. start working now... take care!!!

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