Sunday, May 20, 2007

Palawan Beach, Sentosa

This afternoon sun was glowing very bright. I woke up at 10am - after having a sleep at 2am on previous night - took a bath, had my breakfast nearby my house, and bought some food and fruits. We slowly prepared our things and went out to Harbour Front by MRT. After reaching there, we went to Giant to buy drink and snacks, and bought some snacks at Old Chang Kee. We also bought the sand building equipment at Toys r Us before we headed to Sentosa Express.

We stopped at Beach Station and we queued up for the tram. At first, we took the tram to Siloso Beach. My hubby and I were wondering what Siloso Beach looks like 'cos so far we only heard it from TV/magazine 'cos the beach was often be used for big party. At that time, the weather was really hot!!! My buttock was burnt when we sat on the tram (the seat was damn hot!) We just sat one round on the tram and decided not to stop there.. The place is more suitable for youngsters rather than for family. So we went back to the place where we headed in and took another tram to Tanjung/Palawan Beach and decided to stop at Palawan Beach, when I heard that there were 7-eleven, food court, and children playground at Palawan Beach.

Amazingly.. once we arrived, the weather changed. It was not hot anymore. The sun was hiding somewhere.. that I didn't even need sunglasses. We parked ourselves near the children playground facing to the beach. We laid down our mat and started to have our late lunch. When I noticed, it was 3.30 pm already. No wonder I felt a little bit hungry. We took out everything.. hehehe.. and ate our nasi lemak using the Old Chang Kee's sticks (forgot to bring spoon and lazy to get one from the food court nearby). We ate sotong ball and gyoza from Old Chang Kee too and I was drinking Tiger Beer.. hehehe...

Once we full, my hubby and son started to play w/ water and sand while I started to put the small speaker and connected it to my handphone and listened to the media player and radio. I was lying down on the mat.. enjoying the music, watched the leaves above my head. I was even fallen asleep when the wind was blowing comfortably.. hehehehehehe... I really enjoyed it. My son and hubby enjoyed their activities too. My hubby was even swimming in the sea... Too bad, time has passed so fast and we packed up at about 6.30pm and by the time we finished, it started to rain. Lucky just a small one. So we could walk back to the tram station on foot.

Overall, it was a nice trip. I still have 3 tickets to go there.. I plan to use it again next week or another week before it expired... ^^

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