Monday, May 28, 2007

Rainy day @Palawan Beach

My hubby, son and I went to Palawan Beach again last Saturday. We reached there at about 3pm and there was no sun. At first, we were quite happy with the weather. There were more people coming to the beach. Like usual, we brought our own food. We purchased it at Harbourfront. We bought whole piece of chicken, 2 sausages, and assorted sushi from Cold storate, and 2 pizza from New York Pizza. The pizza was not nice. It is more like a bread topped w/ cheese and other things. No wonder they could sell it cheap. I also bought Movenpick ice cream sold at nearby the place we sat.

Too bad, it started raining at 4 plus. We had to move to the nearby food court to get a shelter. My hubby and son continued swimming at children's playground while I was playing bubbles with myself.

We finished up at 5 plus and had a walk at Vivocity. My son and hubby went to Toys r us while I walked myself and browsed many clothed shop to find suitable thing for me. I only found one long pant. There were many clothes I like, but I found the prices were quite expensive so I didn't buy them. I met my primary school's friend, who does his training in Singapore. He was walking with his friend and we only talked for a while then continuing our own activity. We went back home and bought some food for dinner.

I watched Korean DVD afterwards. My sis just lent me one set. I thought it was a short series, but little did I know that we need 3 hours to watch one series. Hahaha... The series was quite good. It is quite refreshing and entertaining. I slept at 3am that night *I was thinking of watching another series, but I decided not to, otherwise, I would only sleep at 6am and create panda eyes on my face.. no no.... ^^

I woke up at 11am. Watched another series (disk 3) then got myself ready for high tea. My hubby and I had it w/ his friends (Wilvin and Kate). We used the voucher won from the family day 2 months ago. We met up at the restaurant. It was ok too.. hehehe... the food served was not "WOW", just "ok". They serve lots of fried food. The mee siam was not nice *better the one served at the canteen ;P Oklah, we quite enjoyed it. Ate and chatted at the same time.

Once finished, we went to Liang Court. Wilvin wants to take a look at LCD TV. He wants to buy one but was still thinking which model to buy. Then we went to Orchard and sat down for a drink before we went back home. I watched another disk again 'til 12am yesterday before fell asleep =)

I was woken up by my son. He had a nightmare. He was screaming to me asking me not to let his father know that he has shit on his pants. Actually he had shit on his pants that night and asked me not to let his father know as he was scared that his father would scold him and I had it cleaned up. But it gave him a nightmare. I turned on the light and checked his butt and found nothing. He slept again afterward.. hahaha.. my bao bei... I love you very much bao bei.... muachhhh....

Now.. get back to work!!!! =P Jia you!!!

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