Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I slept at 1 am last night after watching one disk of the Korean series. Now I feel very sleepy... zzz... zzz.. wanna sleep.. hiks hiks hiks..

Later I will have lunch gathering w/ my ex-colleagues from D'Crepes =)

It's been 3.5 yrs since our last gathering. This time, my friend came from Brunai and I managed to get 3 persons and she managed to get another 3. So total would be 8 persons. Not bad ya? Too bad we can't get more 'cos two can't make it and I don't have others' contacts. We'll have lunch @Delifrance, Bugis. Our outlet was used to located at the opposite of Delifrance, the most successful outlet. The best place for the human traffic and it has the best view as well. There were lots of memories from there. My hubby used to wait for me finish my job and fetch me home. We used to walk around the area too.. hehehe...

Now time passes quite slow at the office. It's only 9.50am. Still 2.5 hours to go. Now one of my ex-colleagues works at Delifrance there and she told me that she'd give us 20% discount for lunch later.. hehehehe... good ya??? ;P

My lady boss will come too. She is so happy knowing that there'll be more people coming 'cos initially it's only like 4-5 persons gathering. I've brought my camera w/ me.. hope the battery will co-operate w/ me.. hehehe... Later I will post some pictures... ^^

About the Korean series.. not bad.. the girl acts very natural. The boys are not bad too.. hehehe.. one is cool & stern face, while another one is more smiley face and both are prince.

Aiyahhh... still feel very sleepy. I should've drunk a cup of coffee this morning... hiks.... hope that I can survive!!! I will survive!!!

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