Sunday, May 20, 2007

St. James Power Station

Friday nite... gals nite out... Hehehe... Finally I went to see what St. James Power looks like. It was my first time being there. There were 5 of us. Me, PY, my sis, Lina (CM), and Genevieve (AR). We went in at about 10pm. Since we all were using hip guru pass, we all went in free *no cover charge. Lina, PY and me went there first, while my sis and Gen came at about 11pm. So 3 of us browsed around the area first.. At first, we found that the place was quite confusing, but after that we managed to go to different areas, such as Bellini, Lobby, Power House, Dragonfly, etc. (I forgot the names...).

Since it was Friday nite, the place was over crowded and most of the time it was full house. Those who got seats and table, most of them were ordering bottles of hard liquor. It wasn't that enjoyable at the end.. Too crowded, too smoky.. not for me.. So we decided to go home at 12.20am.

My sis, PY, and I were sharing a cab and reached home at about 1am.

Finally I came to know about the places that lots of people were talking about. The salsa one, the karaoke room, the jazz, the power house, rock & roll, etc. If went there on weekdays, maybe it's better.. We took some pics there... I danced only for a while.. hehehe...

There is an open space pub outside. They put funny seats there.. and PY, Gen, and me, who played 2nd life agreed that those place can be easily found out at 2nd life.. hahaha....

Well... it was not that fantastic.. but I hope that's just b'cos it's overcrowded.. and not b'cos I'm too old for it.. ;P

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