Friday, May 18, 2007


On Wed, I received a call from HR asking me to join the teambuilding that would be held on Thur. My boss appointed me to join since other staffs were busy w/ their job.. And since I didn't have something important, I agreed to it *very last minute hor???

So yesterday I went to Singapore Recreation Club. It's my first time to go there. It is located at the opposite of Raffles City, at the end of the Padang field. It is a nice place. There were 20 people joining the session. Well.. it was fun.. I enjoyed it. There were few games to practice the teamwork. We also learnt and understood more about our company's vision, mission and core values, which we should adopt in our working place. Not only that.. they also encourage us to apply it to our personal life..

Frankly speaking.. currently I don't have a vision in my personal life yet. When I was studying, I used to have goals. For example, to graduate w/ gold medal for my Diploma.. to get Honours to my degree.. to earn and save money from the training.. to travel around.. and my mission was to study hard and play hard. And I did it.

After got married, my mission was to have a balance of life between work, study, and family. My goals were to get driving licenses (car & motor) converted, to enrol ACCA, to get an office job w/ office working hours, and few more. Now I have had my driving licences.. I've enrolled ACCA, although I haven't finished it yet.. As for the job.. I've found one w/ office hour and good working environment.

I was just thinking.. I think I have one goal now for my personal life.. which is to spend a good quality time w/ my family (my hubby and son). As for my career wise.. I always say to myself that I'm not the ambitious type of person and I don't aim high for my career. Hm.. what the trainer said yesterday perhaps could wake me up.. I mean.. what I need is actually a dream.. a dream to be realised.. I haven't got my dream yet.. perhaps no dream.. only nightmares at nite.. hehehe... Perhaps I need time to search my soul.. on what I want.. where should I go.. ^^

Back to the teambuilding.. In the morning, the trainer tried to wake us up and to know each other's names from clapping hand's games. Then we also had a holahoop to be passed around w/ our hands joined one another. Our team managed to pass 2 holahoop w/in 50 seconds and 3 holahoop w/in 53 seconds after few tries.. not bad hor? As long as we worked in team.. we should be able to reach our goals.. that's the point..

And we were also asked to make something from square thing into something that is unbreakable. My team managed to build something that we called 'snowflakes' *see pic. Even the facilitator said that our creation was the first time for them to see.. hehehe... as long as we work in team.. we can make everything... wee wee.... ckckck... hahahhahaa.....

We also had a simulation game after lunch to operate a bakery shop. I worked as a supplier to suppy dough, cutleries, plates, etc to the 3 shops. It was fun too.. I like seeing the cakes and cookies made from the dough by my colleagues.. They even held a birthday party for their customers. *see pic -->
And at the end we had our group's photo..
Well.. learn quite lots of things from there.. And like my colleague said.. make it to practice.. What I've learnt, I will try to put in into practise.. hope so... ^^

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