Monday, May 14, 2007

Wild Wild Wet

The weather was quite hot at 10am on Saturday morning. So we went out having our breakfast first nearby our house. We ate porridge and fried beehon & noodle w/ chicken wings, veggie, and fish cake, shared by 3 of us. We stopped by NTUC to buy grapes for uncle and banana for us then went back home. I prepared all the things required and we went out from home at 11am.

Once we reached, we saw the announcement that the Wild Wild Wet was closed to public since they have May Day Festival. But luckily they still accepted the authorization letter from my company and we were still be able to go in otherwise.. it's a waste of everything...

So.. here we are!!! It's very crowded but still manageable. We still got a locker room to rent and played everything we want. The queue was moderate. And most importantly.. we were really having fun!!! It's very relaxing too.. I even talked to myself that.. how lucky I was.. to live here in Singapore (not anywhere else in other part of the world), where I could enjoy a good times together w/ my family - husband and son. It was really fun!! Well.. the water was little bit dirty, but what can u expect??? My son used the vest provided as he was able to float in the water and felt how floating was like.. He drank quite lots of water.. hahaha.. 'cos he's not used to it yet.. We paused for a while at 3pm to have our lunch break - KFC. Then we took 'Ularlah' twice - too bad we couldn't get a nice pic.. otherwise, I'd have bought the pic already..

We played 'til 5pm and got changed. Not long after that, it was raining.. *lucky we've finished everything and ready to go home... We took Taxi back to home. I took a rest while log in to SL and had vegetarian la mian w/ my son at the opposite of our house.. Very nice zha jiang mian.. hehehe... Then we watched TV before we slept. What a wonderful day!!! ^^

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