Sunday, April 14, 2013

Benefit of fruits

~ An apple a day keeps the doctor away ~

Since I bought the juicer machine many months ago, I tried my best to use it often. Hehehe.... (Otherwise someone will nag me again and again for buying thing but only to store it inside the kitchen cabinet :P).

Every time I go to supermarket, I would buy any fruits without fail. Most common one would be apple, orange, and carrot. But recently, I went to supermarket and saw lots of green guava imported from Taiwan. It was on offer. At first, I thought of buying that just to eat like that. Then I saw people buying it in large numbers. I was thinking, why she bought so many?? Then I was thinking.. ya hor... I can make guava juice too.. Never tried before... But since it was on offer, why not??

So, I took about 8 of it, quite big size. I also grabbed ten pcs of apple and two packets of blueberry (my girl friend told me that it is good for skin since it's rich of anti-oxidant - keep your face skin glowing and look younger.. hahahaha..... The benefit was so tempting, wasn't it?? :D).

I am fruit lover. I eat any kind of fruits. My father trained us since we were so young. We were quite lucky staying in Indonesia, spoiled with many fruit varieties. My father's favorite fruits are banana and papaya. It's always been served on dining table almost every day. I didn't know that papaya is rich of anti-oxidant as well. If I know, I would eat more when I was young. Hahaha... I thought these two main purposes were for digestion and source of vitamin A and C. Other than that, we also often ate watermelon, honeydew, apple, pineapple, local orange (green in color), pomelo, salak (snake-skin fruit), apple custard, mango Harumanis (local sweet mango), jackfruit, soursop, jambu (rose apple) and starfruit. There were seasonal fruits too, such as: longan, rambutan, duku, mangosteen, and durian. In some area, we also could eat strawberry and other type of berries.

Tropical fruits

Here in Singapore, most fruits are imported from other countries. Singapore doesn't have enough land to grow own fruits, including durian. Hehehe.... We can find any fruits at anytime due to the improvement in preserving fruit or controlling the ripeness of fruits, which is obviously not good for health :( There is always apple, orange, grapes, banana, papaya, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, plum, pineapple, watermelon, honeydew, kiwi, avocado, dragon fruit and so on.

Just recently, I found out that there is a layer of wax in the red apple when I was trying to peel the skin off (those looks glowing, shiny and appealing nice color). Huaa... I was surprised and shocked to see that! I immediately threw it away and wouldn't buy that kind of apple anymore, I bought different type now for the apple juice. Hikss.....

It reminds me of the apple that I ate from the apple orchard in Thimphu, directly picked from the tree. Oh... I missed it very much!!! Although the look wasn't that appealing, it was definitely fresh and free from wax and pesticide. Wish I can have it again soon... :)

Fresh fruit juices

Well, below is the benefit of some fruit juices that you might find it useful:

Apple juice: reduces bad cholesterol levels; reduce risk of getting heart disease; helpful for weight loss; beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism (rich of potassium); reduce constipation; clean liver and kidney; eliminate harmful toxin; prevent cancer; lower risk of asthma.

Guava juice: treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, relief in cough and cold, improve skin care, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, weight loss and rich in vitamin C

Orange juice: rich in vitamin C, protect against inflammation, reduce bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Carrot juice: rich in vitamin A, good for eyesight, bone, and teeth, liver and nails, skin and hair, as well as reduce the risk of cancer (including skin and breast cancer).

Pineapple juice: good for skin and oral health problem, rich in vitamin C, strengthen the human bones, relieve intestinal disorder, reduce inflammation.

Just an update: My dear son just made me a glass of green guava juice.... He's so sweet :) He saw me making the juice many times and now he just did it himself. He knew how to set the juicer (consists of many different parts), he washed and cut the fruit himself, he knew how to operate the machine, and now he even washed the machine himself. Hehehe... Thank you dear Baobei. It's true.. You ought to give your child a wing in order for him to fly :) I love you Baobei!!!

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