Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Unfolding uncertainty in life

When I was 16 years old, we were inside the shopping mall to watch movie with a group of friends. We had some time before movie started.

The mall didn't have much things to see. So while waiting, we walked around. At first floor, we saw one small stall where there was a middle age man sitting behind a table with deck of cards on top and palm with lines paper beneath the glass top table. We could also smell the burned incense stick from the stall. There were some books and pictures too decorated the place.

Suddenly my friend and I came out with an idea to go in and ask. And there were we! That would be my first fortune teller visit in my life.

My purposes to visit him at that point of time was asking for fun, also I was curious wanting to find out what the fortune teller would say about my future life, as in one year time after that, I would engage in different stage of life (graduating from senior high school soon).

I sat in front of him. The man started the reading by shuffling cards on his hand, opened few cards up and showed it on the table and he started to tell me what the cards interpreted about my future life.

He was then asking my birth date, my name, looking at my palm, scribbled his findings on top of blank paper. He warned me on bad things that I would encounter that year. Looking at my face and he also said few words about my past and current life, and so on. At the end, I had to pay him some token (at given price) as a meaning for service granted.

I listened to his words half believe and didn't really take it seriously as I didn't want to be pressurized by it. Also, I believe that we could change after what had happened in our lives, if we wanted to.

Years passed on. I went again to another fortune teller after I finally graduated and looked for a job. Oh, there was another time when I was unsure about my life partner. Or there were few times before that ba! Hahaha...

Only after that last one (back in 2001), I decided not to ask anymore. Let life unfolds the future itself. Be it good or bad, I am ready to face the truth. It's much better this way with this type of thinking, rather than worrying all the time about something that not happen yet, something they said but might or might not come true, something that you still can change if you want to, and so on.

I admit, it was fear that making me wanted to know about my future. It was also fear that I did not want to hear the sad prediction and fear that what they said about bad things to come true. And when we live our life full of fear, we wouldn't have a chance to live our life fully.

Below was quoted from Robin Sharma's book - The Saint, The Surfer, and The CEO:

"Rather than trying to know and figure it all out, live the curiosity of it all. You don't have to know where you'll be a year from now - you don't even have to know what you'll be doing a month from now. Move away from this need for certainty that we all have, and move toward the curiosity that we all need. Just be. Live in the moment with every bit of your life force and enjoy the gift of the present. The treasures of your life will present themselves to you only if you really are open to them."

"Open yourself up more. There's much larger world out there than you know. Live in curiosity. Live in the awe. Live in the wonder. Begin to grow more aware and conscious. Paying more attention to what's happening around you. Look for clues, spot the patterns, and connect the dots. Detect the synchronity and serendipity, and know that these beautiful coincidences are nothing more than your best life coming to get you. Become more mindful of the dance of life. As you walk to work, rather than getting caught up in your internal dialogue, train your mind to detect what's going on in the outside world. Notice the color of the sky and the shapes of the clouds. Observe the leaves falling from the trees and the way the sun feels as it warms your face. Feel the soles of your feet meet with Mother Earth. Even paying attention to the way your heart beats. By practicing being more mindful, you'll get out of your head and move into your heart. You'll experience more living in your days and you'll have a lot more fun. An even more powerful way to get out of your head and into your heart and body is to simply... Get out of your head and into your body. Pay attention to the sensations of your body.This powerful little technique will immediately pull you out of your mind and draw you into your heart. And when you live in your heart more, you'll notice that you enjoy the journey of life more. The struggling ends."

I decided to embrace my life by opening my heart fully: listen more to what my heart says, balance between heart and head, ready to accept what will happen in front of me, be it good or bad. I am sure, with constant embracing life with positive thinking, with support of loved ones and strength and support from the above, I would be able to go through and face the uncertainty in life in better ways and live my journey of life fully and more beautifully :)

Hope you would find your way too and decide how you want to live your life!

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