Sunday, April 28, 2013

OCBC Cycling 2013

After finishing our rides - with my 2 best friends :)

This year would be my 4th year participating in the OCBC Cycle Singapore, together with my friends and colleagues, which also marked my 4th year Anniversary working with my current company. Wow!! Time flies!!! My 2 best friends and I shared cab this morning at 5.30am (one of them even slept overnight at my place since she stayed quite faraway) and we all gathered in the company where I worked then all of us took bus together to F1 Pit. 

We reached there in a while. Collected our rented bicycles, got ourselves ready (went toilet, did some warming up), and there we went!!! Community ride (24km ride) started at 7.30am. By the time we reached the "Start" line, it was 7.40am. There were so many people participating the event from any background, any country, but we all shared the same passion - cycling.

On ECP highway

There were three categories for today's event. First, "The Super Challenge" - 61 km ride, suitable for those adventurous cyclist. Second, "The Challenge"- 42km, for someone who was ready for more!! And last one, "The Community Ride"- 24 km - for anyone, either amateur, or those who joined for fun. Our GM joined "The Super Challenge". Although he was not young, but he was so fit and often challenging himself for a more adventurous sport. He even joined triathlon competition. The rest of us mostly joined "The Community Ride" as we were there for some fun activity :)

Even uncle and his two dogs were having fun!!! ;)

The weather this morning was good. There was no sun appearing in the sky. Instead, it was a bit hazy. And after the event ended, then it started to rain. Lucky that it wasn't raining while we were there.

It took me an hour to finish the 24-km ride. It was fun. We had to go up to the highway three times. It was quite a challenge as the highway was quite steep and we had a fast-speed ride when it went down. It required us to be alert at anytime. We had to look left and right all the time to see if there was any rider beside us when we wanted to overtake, or when there were others who wanted to overtake us. If we weren't careful enough, it could collide.

I saw people with bruises and blood on their knees, hands, even on their faces due to fall down while cycling. And before we went the slope down for the last one, there were even riders falling down and unconscious. That's why I said that it required us to be alert all the time as otherwise, accident might happen anytime and anywhere. Thank God we were all back safe and sound. But sometimes, it was really not a day for someone too when her bike's pedal was suddenly spoiled when she was cycling. It caused her to go back walking with her bike and she couldn't ride the journey fully and get her medal. I was so sorry for her. Despite being sick, she was still coming for the event, and that was what she got.

So, here I am again, wanted to thank SB for good karma given. We had good health, good weather, safe journey all the way, and finished the 'finish' line in one piece. I'm grateful for today! :)

And after it's all done, my two best friends and I headed to Burger King and had our breakfast there. I was sooooo hungry!!! Hahaha.... In fact, this whole day I kept eating again and again... Oh my...... Hope I won't gain so much weight after this little exercise hahaha....  :P

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