Saturday, April 13, 2013

One night at the balcony

It's Friday night. No need to worry to wake up early tomorrow as I don't have to go for work. It was 10 plus at night. I needed some break. Looking inside the fridge and took out a bottle of wine. It was left a glass only and it's finished. I took the glass out to my house's balcony, together with a packet of spicy potato chips, Calbi, my favorite :) I opened the director chair and landed my butt safely on it. Another small chair to put my two feet on it so that I could relax.

I was alone in a dark night. I had a look at the opposite block and asked myself if there was any vacant flat that no one occupied yet. It's more than a year since we moved to new house. Wow!!! Time does fly... We moved in on 15 Feb 2012 and now it's 12, going to 13 Apr 2013. I started wondering around in my own thought. It seemed like yesterday we just moved in. We were first few batches who moved in to this area. We were the first few blocks that started to collect the keys. And now, it seemed most of them had been occupied.

I took a look on my left side. There were the other flats. It used to be the grey building, still under construction. Now it was almost fully occupied. Northwest side was even half built when we were moved in. Now, there were many lights there.

This balcony was where I sat.. We were lucky enough to be able to choose the flat with balcony. Not many people were able to get it. And not many flats were built with balcony. So even we had to pay slightly more, it was all worth it. In this balcony, there were lots of excitement. We had our breakfast, coffee/tea break, dinner and even beer or wine garden there. Sometimes we even invited our friends for beer/wine and chit chat session, not forgetting, it's been smoking area for my hubby and sis-in-laws. Sometimes our upstairs neighbors would complain. Well, even me complain.. hahahaha....

And tonight, with glass of red wine on my hand, I was looking up to the sky. It reminded me of first time we looked up at our balcony. It wasn't fully covered, only half. We grumbled and thought that HDB was trying to save their cost by building it half covered. But we were glad now that it's done that way, because otherwise, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the sky view (moon and stars) and our clothes won't dry so fast.. Hahaha.... (Balcony is also functioned as clothes drying area as the sun shines bright in afternoon time).

I looked up, and started counting up the stars. There were 22 stars... I counted it again.. it was 26... Again.. it's only 23 now.. While counting, it reminded me of eye test session in SNEC. I had to find the blinking stars and press the mouse, to prove that my eyes were functioning well. Lolx!!! Now the stars weren't blinking, but the cloud might hide or make it appear again. It was fun and non-sense though, haha... Nevertheless, it helped me to release tensions in my mind.

After a while, my sis-in-law finished her dinner. She came out for smoke break. She sat beside me and enjoyed her puff. I went to the kitchen and took out those leftover liquors in cupboard. There was a bit of Tequila. I poured it down and mixed it with the lemonade mixer and ice cubes. I went back to balcony, had my drink and munched the potato chips. We started to chit chat, discussing about which flat that still remains empty until now. Then we talked to other topic. Opps... my glass was empty. I went back to the kitchen and took out the Malibu. There were some leftover too. I checked the pineapple juice that I bought many months back. Hahaha... Checked the expiry date... :P Safe. It'll be expired in 2014. So, I mixed the Malibu with the pineapple juice and some ice.

We continued chatting. We talked about anything. Her job, her upcoming flat, her boyfriend, anything. Then she said her bf likes to go to Vietnam. It reminds me about my hubby's friend, who's having Vietnamese girlfriend. His friend (A) and another friend (B) just went to Vietnam to visit the girlfriend and her families in the village. Apparently, they were having dinner with the whole families and he (A) was asked to pay and it didn't come cheap. Haha... It costs about S$300 per meal. And the other friend (B), who likes to joke around, when was asked about his name, he told them that his name is 'Robert'. It wasn't his real name though. Hahahahahaha..... In Singapore and Hong Kong, 'Robert', or 'Robert Cai' means those person who was chopped (to pay for meal, expensive items, and so on). A could just smile humbly while B was smiling and laughing hard seeing A's reaction :D (Actually I also just knew about it... Never heard there was such a meaning of "Robert" before :D)

My glass emptied so fast (small glass). I went back to kitchen and filled it up, until the whole bottle finished. Yay!!! I finally managed to empty these three bottles since I moved in. I could empty my cupboard and fridge out a little bit. Hahaha... And before sleep, I decided to share what I felt just now. And the picture above, I shared with you the view in front of our main door a year ago compared with current one. Gone are the nice view... Left with condo's view opposite our block. So, this is Singapore... how we live... :(

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