Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Blurred vision from inside the shuttle bus

This afternoon I had appointment at Singapore National Eye Center. I have to check my eyes once every year since the medicines that I took almost everyday will have a side effect on my eyes. It can cause cataract when consumed long term. Time flies. It's been 4 years plus since I was diagnosed with SLE. But so far my condition is good. Nothing worrying happened. Keep my fingers crossed that everything will be fine in more years to come. Anyway, when it happened, I'll just have to accept and face it :)

The appointment was at 1.30pm and it ended at 3.30pm. It was time to go back. I was taking shuttle bus to MRT provided by SGH. But I had to wait as there were many people queuing before me, about 25 of them. My both eyes were diluted with liquid as the doctor wanted to check the behind part, as it blurred as the effect and it lasted me for few hours. So, I was waiting for shuttle bus, we all sat at the outdoor seats provided.

Not long after that, we heard thunder sound. it sounded more often, and much louder. It even shook the land. And rain appeared. It started with light downpour, but slowly, as the thunder lighted the sky, the rain poured heavier. Those people who sat down facing outside was getting wet! Those who brought umbrella, had it opened, and those who didn't, would shelter themselves more to inner side.

View from my seat - while waiting

I was sitting down. With blurred eyes, I was looking at the rain, embracing it with open heart. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, had a smell of the rainfall. I could hear the thunders as if it sang and let us dancing. Bright lightning were flashing one after another, sometimes it brought the atmosphere to the max! It bang damn loud! Instead of getting shocked or scared, I was enjoying it! I hadn't witnessed the rain with thunder for long time. Usually I would be inside my office, just heard the sound from afar. Haha.. If I didn't have to go back to office to work, I might dance in the rain just now :D

It continued even after I hopped into the bus and reached MRT station. As short as 20-minute rain had refreshed my mind. The splashed rain and the cool breeze had awaken me. I just love the feeling...


Sangay Cholden said...

Hope your eyes will be eyes forever:)

It is so cool and fresh when rain shows it way above with fresh air!!

Overcome said...

Thank you Sangay :) I hope my eyes are still in good function 'til I have to close it forever :)

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