Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A big round journey to satisfy my curiosity

Today after work I rushed myself back home. I had the appetite to conquer and see where the road connected to after the view of petrol kiosk. Hahaha... I was curious wanting to find out.

Same like yesterday. Once reached home I changed my gears, washed my face, had a quick dinner and took my bicycle out.

This time I felt better, more familiar with the place but only up to the junction. After that, I couldn't find the Buangkok Park Connector. The road that I followed was pedestrian road along the main road. I used my intuition to find the direction. So, beside me were buses, cars, motorcycles, bus stop, people walking by, and so on.

I think they haven't built the PC yet. Or maybe they had, but I couldn't find??? But I really couldn't see the connection between Buangkok and Punggol Park.

I chose the road heading to Hougang, a place where I used to stay. I was quite familiar with the area, only that I didn't really know how to get to Punggol Park from there.

I remembered my friend suggesting me to use the GPS and so I did. (Actually yesterday I wanted to use the GPS from my handphone but I couldn't find it. Haha... The hp was bought not long ago so I still hadn't gotten my self familiar with the function - I knew well how to browse Internet, use Facebook, chat in Facebook and using Skype though :P)

View after sunset :)
Anyway, I finally found my way back to Punggol Park. From there I made one big round over the pond and went back to Punggol Waterway and headed back home.  It took me almost 1.5 hours for this trip. Such a good exercise!!! I'm loving it!!!

Taken from today's paper
Now I know why exercise is always recommended by the doctor. It's good for our physic and mental. The above article supported my opinion. Luckily many Singaporean concerns about their health, although not all.  I could see more young people doing exercise in the evening time. Keep it up Singapore!!! :)

To be honest, before moving to this new house last year, I seldom did the exercise.  I only exercised when I joined the yearly event of OCBC cycling, Run For Hope, and that's all! Twice a year! Hahaha... Other than that, I usually lazed around after dinner, watching TV on my bed before getting sleep, or otherwise I would sit in front of computer for hours.

Only since I moved house, I started cycling. Amazingly this bike had been my good companion and made me happy over and over again. I said 'I love you' to my bike and also 'thank you' to my friend who sold her bike to me each time I was riding it.  She sold it to me because she wanted to buy a much better folding bike. Thank you ET!!!

While cycling my mind was wondering here and there. That was the best part of the exercising. Anything could just appear on my mind. Be it daydreaming of something that I wish to happen, recalled old bitter and sweet memories, thinking of present time's challenge, and many more. All what happened on daytime has long gone.  Hehe... So refreshing!!!

Hope I can always do this regularly. Yeah, I know my legs are getting bigger and bigger (betis tukang becak :P), but I'm happy the way I am la. It's not good-looking but there were many stories behind it hehe... :D

Btw just a reminder, tomorrow will be the starting day of Ghost month. If you are in Singapore, you will see Chinese people will burn the candles, joystick and death notes at pedestrian road to please the flying souls or Ghosts that were believed being freed during this Ghost month. People are advised to go home early too this month to prevent the unlucky things happened. Pregnant ladies, especially, better don't go out at night unless necessary. This is what Chinese believe.

The day after tomorrow we will be having long weekend here in Singapore. Yeahhhhh!!!! On 8th Aug, Muslim will celebrate Hari Raya Puasa. After one month fasting, no water, no food from morning until evening time, they finally celebrate it.

On 9th August, it's Singapore 48th National Day.  Usually every year at this time I would fly out of Singapore. But this year I am planning for a long holiday some where next month and other than I don't have any more leave balance, I also have to save money for my trip. Hehe...

Oklah, good night to all of you and have a sweet dream!!! :)

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