Sunday, August 11, 2013

Punggol Point Park discovery :)

View of Sunset Bridge in a beautiful evening sky :)
This evening, my dear son and I went out cycling. He had been pestering and reminding me to cycle since morning. His father had fixed his bicycle so there was no more other reason not to cycle.

At 5.30 pm we went out from the house. The weather was cooling and the sun seemed to hide above the clouds, nowhere to be seen. We went to the sunrise bridge direction. Instead of take a U-turn and go to the sunset bridge direction right away, I chose to change our itinerary. We turned left and followed the road that was not built on asphalt yet. The pavement was still on red soil with small stones.

I went through that direction many months ago during night time. It was too dark and too risky as I didn't know where it led me to. Therefore, I returned back. This time, since the sky was still so bright and many people went there, I finally decided to continue cycling into that direction. Lucky there was no rain today so it was still manageable for us to cycle across it. Otherwise the red soil would be too wet and inconvenient to pass by.

Trees were on left side and man-made river was on the right side. The opposite of the river was a small island called Pulau Serangoon. The view was just wonderful. We followed the pavement all the way until I saw a familiar view. Felt like I'd been there before. True enough. It led us to Punggol Point Park, where Punggol Jetty was located. I just realized that we were actually went to north direction (see the map in previous blog post - Get myself lost!!!). Hahaha... I finally found the way!!! :D

View from Punggol Jetty
From here we could hear the sea waves sound. There were people playing with the sand and the stone. The sand area wasn't so big but it was good enough. Now I don't have to go all the way to East Coast, Pasir Ris, or Sentosa Island just to listen to the sea waves or feel the sands on my feet. I could just cycle here in evening and soak myself into the beauty of the natures :)

We stopped there for a while. After that, we continued cycling to the other direction. We didn't go back to where we were from. We just continued our way. Not far from the jetty, we passed by a serene and peaceful area. It was so quiet, no more sea waves sound, and yet beautiful. I saw few people fishing there. Next time I know where to go when I want to have my 'own' time, to think and daydream. It was really a great place!!!

Beautiful sky near Marina Country Club
The road led us to Marina Country Club. We had to cross the road before it took us to the Sunset Bridge. My son and I went there. That was almost the sunset time, but no visible sun was seen. We were standing there on the bridge, looking around and spotted beautiful skies above us showing different patches, shapes and shadows of the clouds. It was mesmerizing. Even my son enjoyed it. He was loving it!!! (I took the very first picture above to share with you on how wonderful the sky was!)

Sunset view with no sun to be found :)
Before leaving I took the below picture. Again, I felt so lucky to stay nearby this area. At least I was still so near with the natures that used to be so faraway to reach. I was glad of today's discovery. Now I'd been through the way that the Park Connector created from middle to South and from middle to North. In the future, I won't get myself get lost and I can choose where to go depending on my mood and time availability :)

Thank you, thank you, and thank you SB for this beautiful encounter. I feel very blessed and grateful with everything!!!

View of Punggol Waterway Park

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