Saturday, August 24, 2013

Absolut Canvas Exhibition and Singapore Night Festival 2013

Just like any other morning, while having my bread and a cup of coffee, I would read the online newspaper on my computer. From there, I found out about the event above. I saw it on newspaper too few years back the photo of the National Museum with illuminated light. However, although the event had been started since year 2008, I had never attended it, even once.

I took a glance on what things highlighted from the event. What intrigued me was actually "Absolut Canvas", which was the exhibition featuring beautifully designed Absolut vodka bottles, where artists and designers had used as a channel for their creativity. It was held inside the National Museum, Stamford Gallery. In the Facebook itself, the Absolut vodka page had also posted photos about those bottles displayed in the event.

Absolut Canvas at National Museum of Singapore
I am a big fan of Absolut vodka. I didn't know why and when I started collecting it. Actually it wasn't really hard to get it since we could buy it in the Airport - duty free price, of course - and there were many people flying in and out of Singapore. Sometimes, I would ask my friends and family members who came here, to help me buying it and added my collection. Until now, I have almost a rack full of it. Thank you for your help ya!! I really appreciate it!! Sometimes I would buy extra, especially those with special flavor, then opened it up and drank it with friends and families in a gathering, such as BBQ, or any other celebration. Sometimes I even presented it as a gift for friend's birthday, housewarming gift, etc.

So, after reading the newspaper, first thing that came out of my mind was asking my friend, who was also a fan of Absolut, to visit the place together. However, he had to work until 7pm therefore he might go on other day with his wife. I was asking around my khaki as well, but like usual, their schedules were packed with other activities. No choice, I had to go alone :)

After work, I went to the place by bus. I had charged my handphone fully since I didn't bring my camera. I reached there quite early, so I had a walk in the nearby area before started queuing at the entrance of the exhibition. At 7 plus, we entered the place. I could feel that there were many other Absolut vodka fans too who were purposely coming to that place, so I wasn't alone. Yeah!!! :D

Absolut displays
I love it!!! Apart from what I have already had, there were actually many more bottles that I had never seen before. Especially those rare bottles and city collections (you really had to travel a lot to many other countries or at least having friends who stay there to buy it for you). 
All looks great!!!
I had never even seen or heard about it before, such as Absolut Butterflies, Absolut Monkey, and Absolut Crystal Black Pinstripe (see photos above). Those two with different shape (Absolut Tune V2) at right below, were also never seen before.
Absolut city collection plus other rare bottles
You can see the city collection Absolut plus other rare bottle and special ones. I don't have all those bottles I posted here. So can you imagine how many should you collect if you want to have it all??? Hahaha... I am not that greedy though. For me, it is only for enjoyment, not to feel bad when I didn't have it, which means contentment is still the key. Because you can't have everything that you want in this world. Right?

And one day, after I pass away, I will leave all my collection to my son, either he loves it or not :D

After visiting the exhibition, I went out and looked around. Outside the museum, there were many people waiting for the performance. Since I was very free, I joined them by sitting on the grass facing to the facade of the building. While waiting, I would look up to the sky and find some stars there. I felt so blessed. I love sitting on the grass and looking up to the sky. If I could lie down, I would do so. However, due to space constrain, I would only be able to sit. Hahaha....
Singapore Night Festival 2013 Performances
I watched three performances last night. The first one was Vertical Extraction by Compagnie Retouramont (France). It was a contemporary dance where the dancers would use ropes and cables, positioning themselves with opens perspectives, proposes original points of view. They carried out a triangulation of the space which finds its epicenter in the audience’s eye. There were background of lights and shadow picturing urban view of roads, links between 2 points in space, or even stage.

Second performance was called Pyramid of Void, also performed by Compagnie Retourament. This time, 3 dancers were dancing as if they were suspended in mid-air in a pyramid structure made of and ropes.

And last one was performed by Starlight Alchemy: Redux. It was a performance of eclectic group of fire and LED-light using various fire and LED tools. It was nice!!

To be honest, I am not an arty person. But once in a while, attending and watching such art performances would open and broaden up your mind on how extensive art can be and how creatively human beings are. There were lots of efforts and energies put in order to make it beautiful and successful. I was enjoying all the three performances, all was shown outside the National Museum itself.

If you are interested to watch, you still have a chance. It will be shown again tonight, and next Friday and Saturday. You can find the details here. So, if you have no plan tonight, go down there with bunch of friends or family members to enjoy the show (those efforts done by artists around the world). There were food and beverages too that you could purchase in case you were hungry.

Hope you enjoy your weekend as I was, and have a wonderful day!!! :)


Anonymous said...

none from oz?

Overcome Life said...

The vodka or the performer??

Anonymous said...

the vodka of course.

Overcome Life said...

Not that I've seen there...

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