Thursday, August 29, 2013

Excitement for the upcoming trip to Bhutan

Dear families and friends,

My holiday trip to Bhutan gets closer each and every day. I feel very ecstatic with everything that will come and happen :)

Maybe that's why that night I had a dream of taking car ride but felt like taking a very steep roller-coaster. After going to the deep tunnel full of surprises and uncertainty, finally I could see some lights. Although at the end there was no more road that I traveled in, however I managed to land safely to the parking ground, parked nicely, even parked next to Ferrari. I'm not a fans of Ferrari, however it appeared it my dreams.  Hahaha. ... What does it tell me? That I should deserve better?? :) I enjoyed the ride very much though and happy. Hope my dreams and wishes come true :)

After work I directly went for my facial. Instead of felt pain when my face and pimples were pressed by beautician, I could feel my excitement degree was too high until I didn't feel any pain at all! Amazing, wasn't it?? (Those who went to facial before should know how pain it was right??) ;P

At all time I kept thinking and planning on what should I do there, whom to meet, any other better ways to spend my days there to make it worth it and unforgettable, and so on.  I was all smiling imagining those that not happened yet hahaha....

I had a very good sleep last night as I had already known what I wanted to do there. I love it when there is purposes in life, knowing exactly what I want, and to do what I wanted to do.  However, as human being we could only plan. Whether it will come true or not will depend from the above.  That's why I've been praying hard these days and with the help of my dear Mom's pray from afar, I've seen some good signs. I've turned out to be very positive and hope that my positiveness will attract the positive vibes out there.  I hope and pray that I will be safe and be protected during my whole journey there. Amituofo. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

In fact, I've equipped myself with lots of training (not blowing my trumpet here... hehe...). I have regular exercises nowadays (which used to be done regularly once or twice per year hahaha....), I have been trained with first aid training (of course hopefully nothing bad happens. Until now I'm still thinking to buy insurance or not... Should I?) and I've been trained in most of my travel journey to live and walk the road independently such as: traveling alone, eating alone, spending my time alone, and I found that I could survive and enjoy it.

Actually, not many people can live and enjoy being alone. I survived the trial though. Perhaps it's the nature of the independence horse who loves freedom :)  But of course I will be very much happier when there are other people who can accompany me for the trip and appreciate their kind efforts :) I also need to pray that they are free to bring me around and will be able to meet and accompany me even just for a while :)

I consider those strangers (e.g. bus passengers, spectators, audiences etc. ) would be my accompany too. I could feel different feeling by living alone, with people I know, and with strangers. I want to make whatever exist to the max, enjoy different kind of situation, experience different things to the fullest, with a very clear conscience, of course :)

I have listed out whom I want to meet.  By the way the Bhutanese students who are studying in Koalkata will go back to Bhutan when I'm there, so we will have a chance to meet again.

I also hope (keep my fingers crossed) that I can meet Bhutanese bloggers there. But it won't be able to realized without your presence :) I hope we all have good karma to meet up in Thimphu.

I need to stop here as I have to do my work now. Please help me to pray that everything will go smoothly and as per planned.  Thank you everyone for everything!!! :)


Sangay Cholden said...

Welcome to the land of thunder Dragon!! Come safe!! Happy Journey!!

Overcome said...

Kadinche-la Sangay :) I really need that encouragement and support :)

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