Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exciting car ride journey to the Wonderland :)

It was a lovely morning with such a wonderful weather. The sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly. My Bhutanese friend, usually called Acho Tashi, fetched me from the airport. We took a cab together and sat at the back. My feeling was joyous and happy, same with him. I could see his clean and white row of teeth with a wide-thin lips smiling buoyantly.

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I was looking out through the window. We were passing by gorgeous mountains, in which, there were series of beautiful bluish water fountains on its surface. “Wowww!!! It is so incredibly wonderful!!! By the way, where are we now? Is it India or Bhutan?” I asked Tashi confusedly. I was so stunned with the beautiful view and couldn’t take my eyes off from it.

The cab kept moving. We passed by a huge Greenland with a signage written “Wonderland”. It reminded me of the “Wonderland” in Sydney, Australia, which had been closed back in year 2004. “Ah, so the Wonderland will be built over here?? Wow, amazing!!! How lucky you are!!” exclaimed me, still full of wonderful feeling.

Suddenly the cab entered into the small and narrow tunnel inside the mountain which fitted only a road for a car with little more gaps. It became darker now. “What other excitement is coming soon??” I still let my mind wondering here and there. The cabby driver stopped for a while. From the opposite direction, there were two persons walking up towards our direction. “Eeh… how come they are walking up?? I thought this is supposed to be a motor-road??” I was asking the cabby. He didn’t reply me though and kept concentrating on the road in front of him. I kept my mouth shut and focused on the road in front of us as well.

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The cabby made a turn to the left and after that I saw a very steep road in front of us, as steep as almost reaching 90 degrees down. “Wowww!!! This road is crazy!!!” I was suddenly shouting and felt like sitting inside a roller-coaster. I was praying hard that the brake would work properly too… “Huaaaaaaa……..!!!!” I made a big shout while the cab was going down the steep road. I saw Tashi was holding the front seat in front of him tightly and his face was so pale!!! We shouted together loudly and non-stop, "Aaaaaaaaaaaa............"

The cab went fast, made a very sharp turn to the left and to the right. We saw the bright light and the cab kept going until there was no exact road anymore and I could feel the whole cab flying out, no brake was stepped, and we just let ourselves flying in the air. However, we landed safely to a car-park and the cab stopped beautifully beside the yellow color Ferrari.

“Wow!!! That was great!!! Where are we, by the way? India or Bhutan?” I asked Tashi who was still not awoken from this terror moment.

Suddenly, “ringggg…………..” - I heard my alarm was ringing. I turned the alarm off and realized that I was just having a dream - a bumpy, most exciting and most dangerous car ride in the “Wonderdreamland”, and I wish such a ride exist in real life. Anyway, I have felt that dream just like a real one already… Hahaha….. Dunno what I thought of until have a dream like that :P

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