Tuesday, August 13, 2013

祝你七夕节快乐!!! Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!!!

Google.com 13th August 2013
When you typed www.google.com today, did your page come out as per above screen shoot? That's what appeared in my mobile.

My Chinese colleague told me that today is their so-called Valentine's Day in China. In Lunar calendar today is the seventh day of seventh month (7月7日) or Double Seventh . There was a legend behind it that you can find in this link.

Here we don't celebrate it as Valentine's Day.  We follow the Western's Valentine's Day which falls on 14th February. But my colleague teased this Chinese guy colleague to buy us chocolates, which he really did!!! Hahaha.... Alamak... Paiseh sia..... :P

I asked him if tonight I go to Chinatown area, do you think I will meet girls with flowers? He said, yes, why not??? Hmm... Maybe I should go and take a look since Chinatown is only one station away from my working place. Anyway, no one dates me tonight though :) Like usual, I feel just like single in this married life, a single with a son Hahaha.... Lolx!!!

Below is our chocolates (for 3 of us) ;) Thank you MS!!!

Valentine's Day present :)


Sangay Cholden said...

Happy Chinese valentine day!!

Overcome said...

Thank you Sangay for your wish and also for reading my posts all this while!! I appreciate it very much! Thank you!

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