Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In the Darkness

With an awful feeling
 I cycled alone in a lonely night   

The road led me to sudden darkness 
Only the crescent moonlight 
And opposite lights dimly bright   

The wind blew scattering my untied hair 
It was quiet, 
and dark.   

I bewildered   
Panic stricken me 
Was I the only soul here?   

I turned my head left and right 
Only darkness and trees’ shadow 
With a small dim light in front of my bike   

All at once, 
my mind marveled, 
“Were there other souls waiting in front of me and trying to hurt me?” 
Reminded me of the old uncle found murdered and robbed not long time ago 
I took that thinking swiftly out from my mind   

Be positive… be positive… 
I uttered to myself   

In a while, 
my mind alerted me again… 
It’s seventh month, 
a ghost month… 
I recalled the article I read about massacre in 1942 
Happened nearby the area   

I felt chill and creepy 
It was wind sound and silent 
Cold sweat ran down my head   

I cycled faster 
Trying hard to ignore my fear 
I put the earpiece back to my ears 
Listening to the beautiful Buddhist’s chant 
Om… mani padme hum… 
Om... mani padme hum...

As I cycled further 
I looked up into the sky 
Trailed the moonlight once again 
Where I found my peace and serenity back 
I started smiling again, 
and let bygones be bygones. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so creepy

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