Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's in our culture - Smile and be friendly :)

Still the same impression :)
My ex-colleague messaged me this afternoon. She only worked here in less than 2 weeks then she left. We usually met during briefing time every morning but we didn't talk much until her last day. 

I didn't expect she would message me just to say that and it reminded me of the blog post I posted almost 3 years ago.  You can click here to read it :)

I am glad that almost every one who works in this company are so friendly. Every time we pass by, we will at least have an eye contact, smile, and say 'hi', even if we don't know each other. If we know each other well, we will surely greet each other and whenever possible, greet the person using his or her name. 

This is one thing that I have learn here in this company since many years back: to greet people by name is to make them feel recognized. If you don't know their name, that will be a good chance for you to know each other, either looking at their name tag (all of us is having name tag as part of our uniform standard), or asking for their name directly (from there you can get more information about them). 

Once you both are close enough, more words will come out when meeting each other, be it in locker, corridor, cafeteria, even outside the working place. 

That's the most positive thing that I have felt all this while and that isn't felt only  by me. Even this lady stayed was due to the staffs' friendliness. It's just that she wasn't suitable with one part of the job that made her leaving us. 

Her replacement came soon after she left. Today I had talked quite a lot with her since she had to be a witness of my stock-taking duty. She also mentioned to me the reason she has been staying on this job was because of most staffs' friendliness despite she was offered a much better pay, nearer location of working place from where she stays, shorter working hour, only after she started working on her first day here. 

Don't you feel like smiling when you look at this??? :)
So, don't you think working environment is one of the very important aspects to make staffs stay with their company? In order to have one, you have to create one and be part of it. So, smile more and be friendly at all time :) 

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