Friday, August 16, 2013

人生短短几十年 – Life is short. Live your life to the fullest

My Mom messaged me two days ago. She was asking me how my health was. Had I gone for my regular check-up? She was recommended me to drink some herbal thing from US, which was said able to make me fully recover from SLE.

I told her I was doing great. My doctor’s appointment was still in months’ time. Nothing to worry so far and I asked her not to buy me that thing since I believed that there was no cure for this disease. It could only be suppressed. That’s all!

After that, suddenly she told me about my Aunt’s niece.

Five years ago she was detected of having Lupus. Not sure what she had, she believed that she had recovered from it and led her to go through a normal life. She is 22 years old now, got married and was 5-month pregnant.

Suddenly, thing happened to her. It attacked her blood vessel in her brain and also attacked her liver.

When my Mom messaged me, she was hospitalized and in coma. The doctor was trying to save her by injecting the stronger medicine, with a consequence that her baby might be gone.

I was taken aback with the news. What was supposed to be good news had in turn changed to sad one. That’s why whenever people asked me, when I would give birth to another baby since I was still so young, I simply told them, “Perhaps in my next life…” I didn’t want to risk another life being just because of my own desire. I was not afraid of me having complications while pregnant, but I didn’t have confidence that I wouldn’t risk another’s being life inside me.

Yesterday night, I told my hubby on how exciting I was with my upcoming trip. I was working on the itinerary on where to go, whom to meet, etc. At first, he was reluctant to let me go that long (3-week holiday). Usually I would only take 2 weeks the longest. More over I would stay with someone who I knew not long time ago.

But I convinced him, “人生短短几十年,不要给自己留下了什么遗憾,想笑就笑,想哭就哭,该爱的时候就去 爱,无谓压抑自己, which means - Life is short. Make sure we live a life with no regret. Want to laugh, laugh heartily. Want to cry, cry your heart out. When it’s time to love, love the person fully. Don’t stress yourself.”

Then I mentioned to him the case above. Since I had SLE, I would never know when it’d come to attack me, where to attack. While I was still alive and in good health, I’d better do whatever I wanted and dreamed of.

He was nodding his head sadly and tried his best to smile to cheer me up, even supported me to live my life happily while I can. Thank you Laogong!!!

This morning, my Mom messaged us saying that last night my Aunt’s niece had passed away.

Made by the late's cousin
I was deeply sorry to hear about the sad news and felt very sad. Life is so fragile. Such a young woman with a 5-month baby inside her stomach, had to go together viciously out from this world. Hope she and her baby would be born in a better and happier world than this one.

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta – Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu and remember人生短短几十年 – Life is short. Live your life to the fullest.


Merlyn Rahardja said...

Pm me :)

Anonymous said...

Sis, u don't need to worry about your SLE.. i always pray for u to Jesus in every my prayers....

i believe, there will be a miracle for u...

Nothing is impossible in God's hand...

so, u just enjoy ur life... Cia yoo....

Overcome said...

Dajie, I never think about it much. One day all of us have to leave this world, only in different way and different time.

I always live my life one day at a time. Don't worry about me. I try my best to create my own happiness each and everyday, follow my feelings and guts :)

Thank you for your support and prayers Dajie! I appreciate it very much!! I love you!! Muach :*

Kipchu Kipchu said...

May her soul rest in peace and find a clear path. Buddha bless her and all!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kipchu :)

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