Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gratitude Concert 2013 by Sat Sun Class at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See (KMSPKS) Monastery

KMSPKS Gratitude Concert 2013
Yesterday marked the last day of Baobei's Buddhist class at KMSPKS for this year. The class was opened to anyone from P1-P6, and S1-S4, held on every Saturday and Sunday. It was divided into Chinese and English class. To date, it has been going on for 30 years since year 1983. From only few students, it has grown up to 800 students. There were many teachers and volunteers too in making this class successful. Thanks to all of them. Without them, we wouldn't be able send our children there to learn about the Buddha Dhamma and many other life values in life.

All P1-P6 students participated on the concert. They were all mostly singing and dancing. My son was so eager to attend the Gratitude Concert held yesterday. After coming back from his school camp (3 days 2 nights camp), although he was very tired, it didn't stop him to attend the concert. He asked me to pick him up from school at 12 pm and to fetch him to the temple at 3pm. I never saw him so excited about this before. What a great achievement!! Haha... :P

I think he only started participating this since last year. I remember watching him participated on the drama last year and he was so proud knowing that we watched him from the audience's side.

Like usual, the concert started from P1 students' performance and gradually increased to P5 and P6 joint performance. I was sitting at the side together with other parents. The above song (佛陀的眼睛 fo tuo de yan jing - means Buddha's eyes) was played and sung few times during the concert and by hearing it, made me realize how fast my son has grown up. I almost cried hearing the song and whenever thought about it.

Gratitude Concert by students at KMSPKS

He has joined this classed since P1 until now, P5. It's been five years he attended the class and it's been five years too that I've fetched him to and from the class every Saturday afternoon. Wow!!! This temple is not so close from our house. We need at least an hour to reach (by MRT and/or bus) plus he needs to take the shuttle bus provided by the temple from Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Just hope there were some values learn by him at the end of the day so that our efforts won't go in vain.

The concert was going on naturally. You know, kids were not easy to handle. No matter how many times they had rehearsed, things might still go uncontrollably. But I could see that every students have tried their best to make themselves proud in front of their parents. Well done students!!!

Showing gratitude to their parents :)

At the end of the concert, there was a session where few parents were invited to the stage and their children showed their gratitude to their parent by cleaning their father's or mother's hand, then give him/her hug and flower. Yalama!! I was so touched although I was not invited to the stage. Once the concert was over and Baobei went out from the room, he hugged me to show his love and gratitude. Oh, what a lovely feeling becoming a mother :)

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