Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lunch walk to Boat Quay in Singapore

Recently the weather was quite nice in the afternoon. The sun would play hide and seek with the clouds resulted in not so hot weather, which enabled me to have a good walk after having my lunch for the remaining time off my lunch break.

My working place is located in Clarke Quay area. It's a very good location. It's just one MRT station away from Chinatown and Dobhy Ghaut or around 10 mins walk to Chinatown. It's located along the Singapore River connecting this place to Boat Quay,  which is also only around 10 mins walk from Central in Clarke Quay. 

There were two underground bridges that I had to pass to reach Boat Quay and both were painted beautifully by artists who were engaged to do the community murals.

The first picture below was done by artists led by Social Creatives, the Not-for-profit Arts Enterprise, while the second one, in red, white and black, was created by separate art groups called RSCLS.

Below are the both creations taken from the two underground bridges. 

Underground murals in Clarke Quay
Underground murals in Boat Quay

Both murals had stories related to Singapore. It's beautiful,  isn't it? 

Once you reached Boat Quay,  you would pass by lots of restaurant that sells different types of international food. There are Chinese hot pot, Japanese dining,  Italian, Asian Thai, Indonesian, Korean,  French fine dining,  Seafood heaven,  Indian,  Irish, Fusion, Cantonese, Mexican,  Peranakan,  etc.

Boat Quay during lunch time

During lunch time people who work nearby would dine there. There are quite number of expat and foreigners occupying the Western and European restaurant. 

While at night, this is a place where tourists go and have their dinner there. Other than many varieties of food available,  the main attraction is the al fresco dining ambience and almost every restaurant has a sitting area facing the beautiful Singapore River,  made the diners feel relaxed. 

There are quite number of pubs available too and usually very crowded after office hours (especially on weekends).

If you love to eat fresh seafood,  there are few restaurant selling fresh seafood where you could pick the seafood that you want directly from the tank. It was all with superb quality,  and of course,  with a very high price! 

Live fresh seafood display in Boat Quay

Share with you the different seafood available there :) 

So if happen you come and visit Singapore,  don't forget to go and visit the area. Not necessary to go the to eat,  but you can feel a different environment :)

My lunch time is over now. Gotta going back to work :) Hope you visually enjoy the photos above ^^


Anonymous said...

hi babe

i am from the non-profit enterprise that is Social Creatives

The 2nd mural ( red and black) was created by a seperate arts group called RSCLS

hope it clarifies

Overcome said...

Hi, thank you for your clarification. Will amend it shortly! :)

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