Monday, November 11, 2013

Wise words from my friend

The choice is in your hands :)

Mind is like a huge field, where many varieties of fruits, grains, vegetables, and weed can grow. It is up to you to grow which fruit or vegetables that you want to grow in your field, how and with whom you allow to take care of it.

Same way.

Many different kind of emotion would be born inside your mind. Anger, love, hatred, fear, indifferences, hostility, etc. It is all inside your head.

If you allow love, kindness, helpfulness to grow in your mind, it will grow.

But if you allow hatred, it will grow too.

It is you who will water and put the fertilizer into it.

Therefore,  if you want happiness, you are the person who should bring happiness. Because the other person might bring many other things, such as sadness, inconveniences, problem, etc.

Shantideva – ancient Buddhist Saint from India said, 

“If you think that the road is covered with sharp stones, pebbles, torn and sticks that might hurt your legs and you think about covering the whole stretch of road with carpet, it is very difficult and may even be impossible to cover everything. But you can do something. Start buying yourself a piece of leather and make slippers from it. It doesn’t matter how long the road, you can still walk with slippers. No matter how difficult the life is, if you get prepared, destiny will take care of itself."

Meaning: You must equip yourself with the right tool based on your needs to face challenges in life.


Unknown said...

I think it's how we handle things that matter. In some cases, unwanted can be used to nurture wanted ones just like unwanted weeds can be made as manure to help in the growth of other wanted vegetables. Just my view. No offence though..

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Sherab for your valuable comment. You are right. Some setbacks in our life can be useful to help us to grow stronger. But the main ingredients such as positivity and determination are required to make it happen. Do you agree?

Unknown said...

Yeah..i fully agree with you madam Rima. Keep posting such post that demands analysis..

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