Sunday, November 17, 2013

Run For Hope 2013

Run For Hope 2013

Here we were again!!! :)

We participated the event once again!  One of my friends was overslept so she missed it out this round. Many of my colleagues participated the event too but I couldn't find them after reaching the finish line. Find more about the event here - attended last year.

We went separately as Baobei and I took MRT on our own from home. The weather was extremely good!!! There was no sun and no rain,  but cooling and windy,  perfect for us!  :)

We ran 3.5 km. Baobei's mood was much better too this year. He still tried to run and didn't show black face like last year except that he complained his hungry and empty stomach not long after we started running wakwakwak... ;P

Smiling face was back!!! :)

So once we finished,  we headed to nearest McDonald's and he was enjoying his Breakfast Deluxe Set Meal right away. Compensation for his lost energy and ultimately to make him happy, also hope he wants to join again next year Hahaha... Lolx!!! 


Unknown said...

is it kind of a competition or a run for fun ...anyways it was nice to know that you do a lot of interesting things......good for health

Overcome Life said...

Thanks Kipchu for reading and leaving your comment again :) Run For Hope is organized yearly as a charity event to raise funds for cancer research.

There are two types of run. 3.5 km is mainly for fun and 10 km for avid runner. It's not competition.

Riku said...

It's nice to see you and your son together. Both looking lovely. Nice post though.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Riku!

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