Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dear Diary - Updates of Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear Diary...
Dear Diary...

Today is 30th May 2020. It is the 54th day of the Coronavirus Circuit Breaker in Singapore. The CCB is going to end soon and will be replaced by Phase 1 - Safe Re-opening starting June 2nd, 2020.

Fyi, there were 611 new Covid-19 cases yesterday taking the country's total number of infection to 33,860. Among 611, only 3 Singaporean and/or Permanent Resident were affected. The rest was mostly the foreign workers (mainly from India and Bangladesh with some Chinese), where the outbreak happened mostly in their dormitories. 

The daily figures are still extremely high and scary. However, most of them have been quarantined, tested, treated, and recovering. This will still take some time until it decreases. 

Phase 1 - Re-opening (Pic source:

The above will be what the Phase 1 activities look like.

The Straits Times said, "More businesses allowed to resume on June 2 but most people to continue working from home.

And types of businesses that will open includes: manufacturing and production facilities in the semiconductor, medical technology and aerospace sectors, as well as wholesale trade and finance companies.

Retail shops and dining in are still not allowed.

Some limited consumer services can resume from June 2. For instance, hairdressers and barbers can offer all hairdressing services.

Motor vehicle servicing, air-con servicing and basic pet services are also on the list, among others.

School bookshops and retail shops selling school uniforms can also resume business in order to support the reopening of schools.

All other retail outlets must remain closed until further notice apart from those that have already been given approval to operate."

Phase 2 and 3 (Pics source:

The above will be what phase 2 and 3 looks like. Phase 2 starting date will be announced somewhere in mid-June, after examining the situation of the Covid-19 cases in Singapore. 

Phase 1, 2, and 3 summary (Pic source:

The above picture will summarise the 3 phases altogether. 

Today it will be the last weekend of the CCB. Tbh, I prefer the quiet Singapore like today. And I also heard many others who commented the same. The quiet MRT, bus, road, and so on.

Simple happiness (Instagram: rimareyka.writes)

I also enjoy staying at home doing things I love doing, such as: ritual breakfast/ brunch (prepare whatever I love eating on the breakfast tray), quiet reading moments (no renovation hacking noises from neighbourhood), special home cooked dinner dish for the families (love to see their satisfaction faces and smiles), watching dramas or movies on TV, and so on.

But at the same time, I also miss meeting my friends: coffee times, Mala dinner with beer, home cooked dinner together at home, drinking and chatting at pub, and so on. The balance of both lives will be great!!! 

And after all this over, I will have to think to embark to new journey of life. Let see what life and fate will bring me to, but I am exciting and positive that it will happen for good. 

Be patient (Instagram: rimareyka.writes)

I hope all of you are in good health - both physical and mental, having positive minds towards what will come next (despite some of you may lose your current job due to Covid-19), and always believe that every thing happened for good reasons!!! 

Change your focus (Pic source:

When you are tired (especially your mind), remember this: learn to stop and rest. It is okay to rest sometimes. And after recharge yourself, change the focus of your energy. Instead of fighting the old, try to build the new. This way, you will not waste your energy over nothing. 

So Diary, let me stop here and 'til next time!!! Hope by then, situation improves and gets much better. Let's hope! :)

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Hope and pray that this pandemic ends soon. ����

Overcome Life said...

Yes la. Hope and pray :)

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