Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Day I Lost My Wallet

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It was a good morning. My hubby and I were happily going to the shopping center where he was working. We were going to have our breakfast there before he started his work. 

I brought my wallet to the stall and ordered my food but I paid the meal using my mobile. I took my tray and headed to our table. We shared our meal as my stomach was not feeling very well even after few days I had my gastric. 

We headed to the market downstairs then upstairs to search for the mop set that had broken days ago but to no avail. I continued shopping at NTUC buying some nutrition rich food which I wanted to cook later to improve my immunity level. 

When it was time to pay, I took out my wallet from my black canvas bag. Hey wait, where was my wallet??? It was a long, square and big wallet, in black. It was big, but how come I could not find it everywhere???

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I immediately called my husband to settle the payment and once he came, I ran off straight back to the seat where we were seating earlier. I asked the nearest stall staff if she was aware that someone found my wallet. She told me someone did find my wallet and asked me to check with the stall that selling drinks. 

A glimpse of hope was there. At least my wallet was dropped there and someone was aware and found it. 

I ran to the drink stall and asked the staff there. She pointed me to the person in charge of clearing table and that person referred me to another man in charge. 

That man then brought me outside the food court and pointed me to the office located just next to it. I knocked my door and the security staff opened it. 

"Yes, we have your wallet. What is your name?" he asked. I told him my name. It must be the only wallet they found in the day. He opened it up and asked me to check if I lost anything inside. He had just recorded the content of the items and separate the notes based on its denomination in each row.

To be frank, I did not really know how much money was inside my wallet. But when I purchased my wallet just before Chinese New Year came, I put in a lucky number amount of money inside as it was believed to bring luck and attract wealth to come. If I was not wrong, I put S$288 separately at one side and another side was the amount of money I usually used on daily basis. 

I had just withdrawn S$200 yesterday and used up only 1 $50 note. So supposedly there should be 3 pieces more. But when the security handed me my wallet, it was only 2 pieces of $50 note, about 6 pieces of $10 note, and many $2 note. 

In an instant, my brain calculated the loss of around $300 cash. 

Then I checked all my cards inside. ID, all my bank cards (ATM and credit cards), were all inside. Well, I thought it was good enough. I told the security that I lost about $300 but he told me whatever he recorded earlier was based on what he received from the food court staff and the only camera that could show evidence was the one where we were standing inside the office. 

I was asking if there was a camera record from inside the food court I visited earlier and he said that I had to ask the food court side to show me as it was separate places and they did not have it. 

I was too happy to find my wallet back despite losing around $300 cash inside. There were 3 foreign notes inside my wallet and it was left there too. I was relieved enough to see one of the notes because I just went to the money changer yesterday to exchange that currency. And that 1 piece of foreign note was equivalent to 30 pieces of S$50 notes. It was as much as my entire saving for my past 1.5 months working my sweat and muscles. 

And yes, at that moment, I was still feeling ecstatic, calm, and extremely grateful because I could have lost much more than this, and the trouble would have been more if I lost all the entire things. 

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For that person who took the money, I wished him or her well, hope he or she can benefit from that amount of money taken. It must be desperate for the person to keep that money and risk their own reputation of stealing it. There might be better ways to earn that amount of money but situation was not bright these days with the increase of living cost in Singapore and some people might lose their jobs due to the pandemic.

Overall, I was still feeling very grateful and this calm and peace of mind was resulting from letting go moments. I was ready to lose it since I had lost that entire wallet at the very first place. To be able to get a sight of it with all the things inside had already been a miracle for me. So thank you, thank you, and thank you SB for today. It reminded me to be more careful next time, to be more alert with my belonging. Hope I learned the lesson and would check my belonging wherever I was and before leaving the places.

May all sentient beings be happy and healthy, free from suffering and the cause of suffering, life full of peace and joy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

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