Wednesday, July 20, 2022

My thought today

"Just try our best."

Hey hey, what's up? How have you been everyone? It has been long time since my last post. Exactly 3 months. Wow!!! How time flies!!!

The pandemic is still going around everywhere in the world. Even up to yesterday, the figures were still as high as thirteen thousand plus in Singapore alone. 

But many countries in the world had eased their entry restrictions, even they had taken out wearing mask requirements from their regulations, especially in Europe. And that was why, I had finally fulfilled my long postponed dream that I had had back in 2019.

And these days I am back at home and normal life. Hmm... normal life? I am also not sure what 'normal' life is supposed to mean. Is 'normal' life meaning a life with something to do every day - a.k.a. having job - whether it is paid or not? 

I mean, are those people who do not work (excludes elderly and housewives) considered not living normal life??

Well, I just pondered it within myself, in my own thought. No need argument over some personal opinion of mine, just a thought that came out today, as my friend was asking if I had any plan in recent future - whether I look for some job, open business, or do something on a day-to-day basis, like future plan. 

As I recalled what my school mate told me earlier during my school time, he said, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." 

And tbh, I do not have any plan, like career plan, succession plan, giving birth plan, or whatever plan to fill my day-to-day activity. 

It really seems that I am going to fail my life if I continue this way, aren't I?

But I have few travelling plans in the near future. Those are what I have for now. And yet, it will not fill my everyday life because it is not a non-stop travelling kind of thing, but more on few days at one time kind of plan. So the rest of my days, I have no other plan than just live my life well - eat well, sleep well, do thing I love doing well, and that is all. 

I am not an ambitious kind of person because personally I find that success in career is only bringing jealousy to others. Haha... not an excuse yah, just my personal opinion. 

And I do not measure people by how success they are, or how much money they earn every month, the more not friending people based on that kind of measures. 

I usually befriend people by how sincere they are to be willing to be my friends, with no ulterior motives, no drama, no jealousy. Purely based on their heart, their willingness, a two way relationship. 

If they want to be my friend, just be. If they do not want to, then let it be, as much as I believe in fate in terms of who we meet with in this lifetime. 

Sometimes I feel that I am wasting my time. I could use this precious time to do many things in life, that benefits not only myself, but also other beings. But somehow, I have not found that purpose yet. I am still finding myself out, of what I want to be or do. 

Between the lines quote

And the older I become, I love spending my time more with myself, a.k.a. being alone. I can survive so far, but not sure how long, but yes, I prefer doing like this, if possible. 

Whatever it is, this is still life. We just have to go through many phases of it. Let see if it brings me somewhere or nowhere. Just live it one day at one time. Make it simple. To survive, to live on, to be happy :)

Hope your life is doing good and message me if you want to share yours too!!!

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